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General Electric Model 169208

by Milly Halterman
(Anna, IL, USA)

I now have my third Model 169208 coffee maker within the past year. Please let me tell you about it.

All the features you mention as pluses are OK, so-so. We named it sir-drips-a-lot because it is almost impossible to pour without spilling. That's OK, I can live with that.

The first one I bought lasted about 7 weeks. Suddenly it would not heat. Good outlet, lights flashed, clock on, but unit will not heat. I returned it to Anna, IL, Walmart and they replaced it with an identical model.

This second one worked about 3 months so I threw out the packaging. It quit working the same way. I returned this one to Walmart and they replaced it, but without packaging, warranty, or any other guarantee. I don't blame them. NOW, this third one works - except the coffee pumps through the system just lukewarm. It was like that from the first day I had it. I do not exaggerate, it was just barely warm, not as hot as my 130 degree hot water system. I now make coffee by measuring and boiling the water before pouring it into the brew chamber. I get good coffee, but it is not what I paid for!

I did not find a Mr. Coffee on the shelves, but my sister
is still using the one I bought my mother 8 years ago. I believe Santa is bringing me a new one, and I hope it is a Mr. Coffee.

Milly Halterman

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