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General Electric 12 cup Digital Coffeemaker

by Kateline

My mother got me this coffee maker about a year ago (Christmas 2007) and I’m not sure where she got it from but if you are looking for one i highly recommend it!

It’s the fourth coffee maker i have personally owned in my lifetime and it’s the best i have ever had. I’m a huge coffee drinker, as is my husband and the fact that this coffee maker gives us 12 cups is a major plus.

The coffee out of this maker is always piping hot and I don’t have to worry about it cooling down before i get to it because it has a keep warm feature. This is extremely pleasant because i get up an hour earlier than my husband for work. He says that when he gets to the coffee in the morning it is still extremely fresh and hot. There’s nothing better than a machine that can please everyone in the household.

The model itself is very aesthetically pleasing as it is gorgeous steel. The model has a basket filter and a see through plastic area so you can see how much water is in the machine.

The coffee maker is programmable so I can have coffee ready for me when i wake up in the morning!

There is a clock on the front of the machine and the clock can also function as a timer. This means i can program it to turn off when i like. I defiantly would not depend on the late waking husband to do that.

I went and found this model on the target website and they are selling it for 39.99. I think this price is defiantly worth it considering how great this machine has been to my family and I. I have never had any problems with this machine and i highly recommend it.

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