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Today, making coffee is just as easy as stepping into our kitchens and brewing a pot. That wasn’t always the case. Of course, the biggest challenge today is choosing the right coffee maker for our own needs.

If you’re looking for a wide selection, you should consider exploring the choices available from GE. And, of course, understanding a bit about the company’s history and about the history of the coffee makers themselves is also important.

Models of GE Coffee Makers

A wide range of GE coffee makers are currently available. The one you choose is going to depend on the features you want and your own coffee drinking habits. The standard model is the digital coffee maker which comes in both black and white versions. This model can brew up to 12 cups at a time but you can also select to brew only one to four cups.

GE Coffee Maker Key Features

Other helpful features with this model include the programmable timer, the two hour automatic shut off feature, and a beep signal to let you know when the coffee is ready to drink. You can also adjust how strong the coffee is going to be and control the temperate of the coffee left in the pot thanks to the adjustable temperature on the hot plate.

You can also stop the coffee in mid-brew if you want to serve guests faster. Other features make spills less likely and reduce the chlorine content which can affect the coffee’s flavor.

GE 4 Cup Coffee Makers

If you’re looking for a smaller option, the 4-cup coffee maker from GE has fewer frills and can make up to four cups at a time. This unit also has the pause and serve feature of the larger digital coffee makers.

Another drip brewing option is the Select model from GE. These units are more stylish and modern-looking than other units which means they’ll fit nicely into the décor of most kitchens. Plus, if you have other GE appliances from the Select series, you’ll find coordinating them will be a snap. The coffee makers can brew up to 12 cups, the maker can be programmed, and brewing shuts off automatically after only two hours.

GE Percolators

You don’t only have to choose drip brewing units. Percolators are also manufactured by GE. Both of the available models can make up to 12 cups and both are made from attractive stainless steel. Percolators are easy to use and make pouring the coffee even easier. Some coffee drinkers prefer the taste of percolated coffee over drip brewing. Plus, both of these models come with removable cords so kitchen storage is easy.

What if you entertain a lot? Then you might want to consider the GE coffee urn which can brew up to 42 cups of coffee at one time. The easy to use spigot makes pouring hot coffee a breeze. Plus, the ready to serve light means you won’t have any guesswork when it comes to determining if your coffee is ready to serve or not.

GE Automatic Grinding Coffee Makers

Another increasingly common trend among coffee enthusiasts is grinding the beans themselves. That means they can have a fresher and more robust cup of coffee. However, you need to purchase a grinder. GE sells a separate grinder which lets you choose between several levels of coarseness, as well as a coffee maker unit that incorporates a grinder. This unit can make up to 10 cups of coffee at one time, includes a programmable timer, the pause and serve feature, and the two hour automatic shut off for safety.

GE Espresso Makers

Finally, not everyone wants a standard cup of coffee. The GE espresso maker not only lets you make a delicious cup of espresso but the steam nozzle means you can convert it easily into a cappuccino.

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