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GE 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker

I found this coffee maker at my local walmart while I was out shopping for groceries. I was attracted to this model because of it's sleek design, low price tag, and the ability to have 12 cups made at the press of a button.

Also, the digital display that came with the maker sold me on the coffee maker because my family is very technologically inclined, and I thought it would be a good fit with all our other household appliances. When I took it home and started to use it, I could instantly see that I made a good choice.

When I plugged it in and set up it up, I decided to run a pot of coffee through it. I pressed the buttons and the maker instantly started to get to work, it had steam rising before I could turn around to get a mug and the first drips of coffee were in the pot very quickly. I had to say that I was immediately satisfied with the coffee maker, and continue to be today.

This product has plenty of power and longevity and also features a self cleaning function which I find very convenient for when I don’t have time. Just recently, I found a new feature on the maker as well. There is a button on the machine that, once pressed, allows a person to remove the carafe and pour a cup of coffee in the middle of the brewing process.

Once you have poured your cup, you then replace the pot, hit the button, and the machine gets up and running again.

This was truly a find for me, because I am always waiting by the pot to get my first cup in the morning and this allows me to skip waiting for 8 cups to brew just so I can have my java.

Overall, I am an enormous fan of this coffee maker. The features, power, and capacity of this machine is great and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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Aug 17, 2011
filter basket screen lets particles get by.
by: Anonymous

I like everything about this coffee maker except the size of the mesh used in the filter basket is too big... it lets large particles of coffee grinds get into the coffee pot.

Mar 15, 2011
Ge Blender
by: Anonymous

I just have to say this one thing - this blender is great! I had it for seven years and it worked perfectly. Then, because my friend had a party I lent it to her and when i got it back it was filled with bugs so I had to throw it away

Dec 27, 2009
heating element
by: Barb

We used our coffee makers auto timer and really enjoyed the smell of coffee a few minutes before the alarm clock chime... but after having the coffer maker 9 months the heating element went out. Now the coffee maker shows an Err flashing on the LCD display and none of the buttons work anymore. It just conked out on us.

Aug 12, 2009
took it back to the shop
by: Phantastic

We purchased this coffee maker about 6 months ago for its good looks and easy-to-read display. It made perfect coffee (by our standards) for 6 months. The automatic cleaning feature was great. Unfortunately, we made coffee one morning (with the auto timer) and it worked just fine.

Then, when we went to make a second pot, everything looked right but it just stopped working. We went to Wal-Mart and got another one (these things have a 2 year guarantee!!). The new one would not brew the last 4 cups in less than 15 minutes. It also began steaming heavily and had an acrid burning electrical smell. That one went back, too.

The next one we got sent all of the hot water directly out the bottom of the housing with no water ending up in the carafe. That one went back for a refund. We now own a Black and Decker. It was a little more expensive, but at least it works. I sure wish GE would fix the problems with their model. While it worked, it was a great little coffee maker.

The customer service rep at our local Wal-Mart said that her screen showed that the unit was to be sent back to a "claims center". She said that usually meant that they were being recalled. However, they still had them on the shelf for sale. After reading about GE's previous lawsuit for coffee makers that started fires, I believe that I would avoid this model.

Mar 19, 2009
Would buy for my friends
by: Anonymous

My husband bought the coffee maker in 2004 at K-Mart in Cleveland, TN. There wasn't any one reason he picked this model but I'm guessing it had something to do with the price. I don't know how much he paid for it, again I would guess it was a sale price. In the four years we've had it, I would say it has been used on a daily basis about 80% of the time.

The coffee maker is smart and attractive sitting on the counter top. Mostly black, it's trimmed with a few gray stripes. The features include a clock with automatic time set for brewing. There's two options for your brewing selection, mild to stronger. We usually keep ours in the middle. Each cup is as good as the last. In the past I have used the coffee maker to make tea.

We haven't had any trouble, clean up is simple and I haven't experienced any staining in the pot. After each use I'll either rinse, hand wash, or put in the dish washer. I do use a few tricks I picked up when I worked in restaurants. Once every six to eight months try running one cup of white vinegar through the brewing cycle, then run three to four clean water cycles to rinse the vinegar out, this will help if you use the maker continuosly and are experiencing slow brewing. If staining is a problem in your pot, try sprinkling the bottom of pot with salt, put a few ice cubes in and swirlling motion spin around one to two minutes. The mixture breaks down the stain and makes removal much easier.

I would differently recommend this model to anyone needing a new coffee maker. I would also feel good about buying one for a wedding or house warming gift.

UMM..I can't wait for my first cup in the morning.

Jan 06, 2009
Ideal for a small family
by: Edwin

I had bought this coffee maker around four years back. Actually, I was not fond of coffee at that time but my wife told me to buy this model from GE. I bought it for $30 from a store located near my house.

In the beginning we use to make only two cups of coffee in whole day but soon it became an integral part of our life. I have not faced any problem from this model yet and I am happy to buy such a nice product of this brand.

It has a stylish Whitish and somewhat Grey color body with a handle having a carbon cum Teflon coating. There are other models available in stainless steel body.

It can be used to prepare 12 cups of coffee at a time. So, it can be a good product for a small family. However, if you have a big family you might be disappointed due to its limited capacity. It has a transparent plastic surface area to measure or view the amount of water present in the vessel. there is also a basket filter associated with it.

The water level indicator is a good feature but the most exciting and useful feature of this model is that it can be programmed to make a one or more cup of coffee for you according to your need. It has programmable counter which acts as clock for it.

It has a power button in front panel to turn on or off the device. The machine is very small and compact in size so that it can be stored anywhere in your kitchen.

It is an ideal product for a small family to enjoy coffee everyday. I have not faced any problems with this device yet and I strongly recommend this product to all. It is easily available and you can get it from a store located near you.

Nov 28, 2008
Low priced good standard coffee maker
by: Anonymous

I received this coffee maker as a bridal shower gift about 4 months ago. It was purchased from Wal-Mart, I believe, and was priced at about $25.

It works fine for us; my husband and I are the only ones using it, so I suppose it hasn't seen much wear and tear, but we do use it almost every single day. The coffee is always hot and is brewed quickly, and the machine itself is pretty attractive, as coffee makers go. I really like the keep-hot feature, which allows you to make a pot of coffee and then have the machine keep it warm for several hours. My husband leaves for work early in the morning, and sometimes I get up three or four hours after he has left and find that the coffee he made in the pot is still hot! I also like that you can change how strong the coffee is with the touch of a button; you can choose a strength level (between 1 and 4) and then have the machine make your coffee stronger or weaker according to that level, although the stronger levels take longer to brew.

But the autobrew feature is hard to get working. We still can't quite get it to brew on a timer, so we have to wait for our coffee to be done brewing when we get up in the morning. We're also having trouble finding a place to purchase the replacement charcoal filter inside the pot. The built-in filter is easy to clean, but the filter must be replaced every so often and we can't find it in any of the stores around us.

But for the low price you pay, you get a good, standard coffee maker that does what it's supposed to. If you're looking for a nice coffee machine at a low price, this one will probably work for you.

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