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Gaggia Synchrony Digital Coffee Machine

Gaggia Synchrony Digital Coffee Machine

When my coffee-loving spouse brought home this large appliance with its brushed metal surface and told me it was a coffee maker, I blinked. Several times. He's a serious coffee gourmet and we had discussed getting a high-end coffee maker, but this – it looked so high tech!

The thing is, once we started using it, it turned out to be exactly what we need.

Each cup is brewed individually, so there is never any stale coffee. There is no pot to clean daily. The machine needs to be cleaned and grounds emptied about once a week.

If you're family likes all different kinds of hot drinks, this machine is just the thing. It can make either a small shot of espresso or a full-sized cup of regular coffee at the touch of a button. It has an attachment for steaming milk for cocoa or cappuccino. It also provides hot water for tea at a moments notice.

This is a great machine for the household with coffee connoisseurs and people who just want a cup of something strong and hot before they have to open their eyes in the morning.

Each cup is brewed individually. It can make as many or as few cups as you need at one time, so it's perfect for entertaining.

I would recommend a Gaggia to anyone who wants good quality coffee. If you are considering a high-end coffeemaker, this model would be a good choice.

Would give this an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

- makes really great coffee at the touch of a button,
- can be used for coffee, espresso, tea, cappuccino

- Takes up more space than most household coffeemakers; can use ground coffee,
- but works best with whole bean.

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