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Gaggia Swing Up Platinum

by C. Swicegood
(Chicago, Il USA)

$Gaggia 90851 Platinum Swing
Automatic Espresso Machine
with Milk Island

Hello , just bought a Gaggia Swing Up Platinum last January from Amazon. If we had waited 1 month, we would see a craze drop on the sale price but it does not matter too much because we are SOOO happy with this machine. It came with a milk island.

This thing is fantastic, I never had a better froth milk. I just realized that this is a quick way to do hot chocolate if you are in hurry! Of course this makes your cappucinos home made the best ever. Never want to go back to Starbucks. Plus the Swing up allows you to do ristreto, which only in France and Italy (maybe Spain) people know what the I am talking about.

Plus, the sound level is very good! I have tried other super automatic and believe me sometimes they can be pretty loud! The swing up allows you to choose different amount of water for the three options Espresso, Coffee and Long Coffee. To say the least, you can basically do whatever pleases you. You can determine the temperature as well. from very hot to mildly hot.

The cleaning part is very easy as well. not the same as our previous Gaggia which was a mess to clean inside. All the parts of the Gaggia swing up are easily removable and VERY easy to place back.

You can turn it 180 degrees , so great for counter space. My husband and I are then extremely happy about the machine. It has been two months now, and we are still looking for the best coffee beans. Oh another thing, there is an extra space for ground coffee in case someone is not into caffeine and you can always make a quick tea with the hot water dispenser. It actually just happened to us with a friend visiting who shame on him, does not appreciate coffee!

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