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Gaggia Classic Coffee Maker

I love my Gaggia Classic Coffee as the name suggests it is a true classic. I have had it for 4 years now got it as a birthday present and it is still making fantastic coffee and it just looks great. People always comment on how stylish it looks. It looks Italian that is the trick!

I mainly make espresso with it which usually tastes great, especially if you take care and properly warm the coffee machine, the filter and the cups. The filter holder and the machine itself are very sturdy and easy to keep clean. It is easy to refill it with water and I only need to descale it once a year.

The only drawback is that I need to change the o-ring seal every other year or so because the coffee starts to taste of plastic? I almost never use the steam nozzle to froth milk.

This is because a) it is quite a complicated procedure and b) because sometimes there is so much pressure on the machine that the end of the nozzle will ?explode? into your milk, which always gives me a dreadful fright. I am probably doing something wrong here.

Generally one needs to be careful the machine doesn?t heat up too much when making the coffee because otherwise the coffee may indeed taste burned. One thing to consider though is that because of the metal body, a lot of cleaning is necessary to make it look good.

- Stylish
- Easy to use

- Steam nozzle "explodes" into the milk
- O-ring seal needs to be replaced frequently

3 out of 5

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