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Gaggia 74820 Black Baby Espresso Coffee Machine

This coffee machine includes a helpful guide for set-up and allowed me to start making coffee straight away. It is visually appealing, with its sleek and chromed finish. The fact that it includes a frother means that I am not limited to making only espressos and the pressure-boiler operates quickly and effectively.

Perhaps a more fundamental pro to this coffee machine is that it produces coffee which tastes good. There is no ‘metallic’ taste and the pressure ensures that the coffee grounds are used effectively, producing a strong taste.

The 1.6 litre tank is just the right quantity for my daily needs and the size of espresso machine itself is relatively small, meaning that it is able to fit snugly on my kitchen table.

The elasticity of the fluid release mechanism is short-lived, meaning that you will have to get it replaced within a couple of years. The filter holder can also be a bit fiddly to handle and you have to take care of keeping it in place when washing the coffee machine.

It is (unsurprisingly) quite noisy, but I have found it noisier than other espresso machines I have had and it produces a grating noise which can be a little annoying. The drip tray is also quite shallow, and this added to leakage that you sometimes get from the spout means that this will have to be emptied and cleaned quite often.

Conclusion: An easy to use, functional espresso machine.

- helpful set up guide
- easy to use
- great tasting coffee

- noisy
- shallow drip tray

4 out of 5

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