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Fresh Roast SR500 Coffee Bean Roaster

Black Three Temperature Control Settings Speed Roast Fluid Motion System

Black Three Temperature Control Settings Speed Roast Fluid Motion System

The Fresh Roast SR500 coffee bean roaster is a stylish and portable coffee bean roaster with several features designed for the convenience of coffee lovers. This unit has three temperature settings and speed roast fluid motion system that makes roasting very fast.

Interior Features
  • Fresh Roast SR500 can roast beans that can serve several cups of coffee. The great thing is, you don't have to wait too long for the roasting. The unit is designed to produce roasted beans in less than 10 minutes.
  • The unit has a Speed Roast Fluid motion system that does not only ensure fast roasting. This feature also ensures the even roasting of coffee beans. With this feature, you can expect high-quality coffee. The machine is also designed to do the roasting for any kind of coffee, even espresso.
  • The unit allows the user to speed up the fan for even roasted beans. This is usually done to make heavier and denser coffee.
  • The speed can also be lowered down. This is usually done for green beans with less moisture content. The decrease in the speed of the fan speeds up the roasting without over baking the dark roasts.
  • The unit has three different temperature settings that can be adjusted during the roasting. The low temperature is 390 degrees, the medium temperature is 455 degrees, and the high temperature is 490 degrees.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit is highly portable. It is also a space-saver. Even if you have a small kitchen, you won't regret buying this one because this won't eat much of your countertop.
  • The unit has a very elegant design. It is very stylish that it is an ideal addition to a modern kitchen. With this unit, you can't only have a functional device, but also a very trendy one.

    Dimension and specifications

    The unit has a dimension of 15 x 10 x 10 inches and weighs 10 pounds.


    This coffee bean roaster is very affordable. It only costs less than $200. This is a great deal cheaper compared to other units with the same features. The design of this coffee bean roaster is also excellent. It looks so stylish that it can fit in a modern kitchen. Aside from that, it is very portable and can be easily kept in your small kitchen cabinet. This coffee bean roaster won't really take much of your countertop space.With the easy to control speed, you can get an excellent roasting result whether you use dark or green coffee beans. You can also have several options for the temperature settings.


    One of the downsides of this coffee bean roaster is that it does not move the beans in the roasting chamber at the beginning of the roasting process. The roasting process is also sensitive to the kind of voltage line used.


  • fast roasting process
  • speed control options
  • temperature settings
  • stylish appearance
  • space saver
  • very affordable
  • easy to understand control panel


  • does not move beans at the beginning of the roasting
  • not available in other color
  • not available in other design

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