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French Press & Pasquini Espresso Machine.

by ffelix

Coffee makers can be nasty things. Percolators boil the life out of your mud, & Mr. Coffee burns it to bitter acid. One-cup filters are too small, even if they don’t require a paper filter. There are only two coffee makers worth owning: an espresso machine & a French Press.

The humble French Press makes fantastic coffee. It doesn’t just keep applying scorching heat, so it won’t leach the nasty, acidic, bitter, oily dregs out of the ground beans. You can control your soak by pressing & pouring, or leaving it to brew. The French Press is simple, with minimal material & nothing mechanical to break immediately, sending 10 pounds of Chinese plastic & pop-metal into the landfill in 6-months. A French Press is quick to load, reload & clean when you’re done, doesn’t require a bleached paper filter, & best of all, you don’t have to plug it in: making heat with electricity is just willfully stupid & inefficient.

That having been said, until they come out with a propane-fired espresso machine, this is the one exception to the electric heat rule. Espresso is the highest quality coffee, especially if you get the Italian stuff. I don’t understand how those guys can consistently tie up the world’s best beans, but they do, they do.

Espresso is mixed from both Arabica & Robusta beans for a combination of flavor, aroma & foam. The machine pushes steam through the grounds at pressure, releasing the volatile components without leaching the objectionable oils. The water passes through so quickly, it doesn’t even pick up excessive amounts of caffeine, so if you drink your Joe for the ragged caffeine jitters, better get a percolator. I love my Pasquini!

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