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Flavia SB100 Drinkstation

The Flavia SB100 is a nifty little machine that makes for a great beverage dispenser at home or in the office. With this machine, you don't only get a coffeemaker, but you get a versatile hot beverage vendor.

All you have to do is open up the brewer compartment, slide in your Flavia flavor pack of choice and with the press of a button, you can be enjoying hot coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, or hot chocolate. This easy-to-use system makes the Flavia SB100 a great choice for a home or office where coffee just won't cut it for everyone.

Key Features

- Makes use of Flavia single-brew flavor packs, which means you can brew a different flavor for each cup that you pour from the machine. All you have to do is place the packet of your choice and hit the brew button.
- This machine doesn't only serve flavored beverages, but it also has a hot water dispenser option.
- The SB100 has a large water capacity that is suitable for up to over 20 drinks.
- Each flavor pack has its own filter built into the pack, and the machine brews the drink into the pack and dispenses it into your cup.
- Another great feature of the SB100 is that there is no need for plumbing connections, so all you have to do is top it up with water and plug it in to start enjoying your drinks.
- The machine has dead-simple controls with a single button that is used to open the brewing compartment and begin the brewing and pouring processes.
- The water reservoir also has a clear panel where you can see the water level.


The biggest advantage of the Flavia SB100 is that it is designed for the utmost of versatility. Because of its single-pack brewing design, you can have this single machine at home or in the office and it will be able to handle most of your hot beverage needs.

Whether you want hot coffee or cappuccino, flavored teas, or a good hot chocolate, this machine can handle it all, making it the perfect choice for places where not everyone likes drinking the same beverage.

The brewing compartment stays clean and doesn't require constant cleaning or changing of filters, especially because the flavor packs have their own filters.


Like the other Flavia models that make use of the flavor pack system, the Flavia SB100 suffers from the major drawback that you can't have your own coffee roasts or tea blends. The only hot beverages that this machine can make are those that come in the Flavia flavor packs.

Some people enjoy the different flavors that Flavia has to offer, while others aren't very fond of the flavors at all. It would be best to try out some of the flavor packs that Flavia has before you buy a machine like this one.

Another related downside is that you have to order your flavor packs directly from Flavia.

- Easy to use and convenient
- Versatile and able to brew different flavors
- Easy-to-use controls and water level viewer
- Single-pack brewing system
- Comes with over 100 flavor packs
- Great for offices or homes
- Easy setup with no plumbing

- Flavors may not suit consumer taste
- Have to order flavor packs from Flavia

Comments for Flavia SB100 Drinkstation

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Feb 21, 2013
Getting Coffee for the machine is the job!!
by: Anonymous

The machine is great getting coffee for it is the job. We have one of these machines at the office, and the company cant supply coffee to us.. They think they get to decide when and what types of coffee we get.
I cant understand how a company stays in business operating like they do..
And now we have to keep this machine!!

Jan 19, 2012
6 years old and still going
by: The Fresh Air Company

This SB100 i have in my office has been on for 6 years, i only turn it off to descale the hot water tank (once a year)
Its only just developed a fault, which is not providing a full cup of coffee, just filling the cup up about half.
Its a shame its not being made anymore, but you know why, its becuase it lasts too long and is made to good !


Nov 28, 2011
It Still Works !!!!
by: Anonymous

My brewer is 6 years old. Newer made ones are quieter or mine has gotten nosier due to age.

Mar 23, 2010
Great for office
by: Steve

I own a small consultancy company and there are around 8 to 10 employees in my office. Every manager would know this fact that the key to a successful organization is a happy office environment.

So I thought what could I do to keep my crew refreshed through the office hours and that is when I decided to buy Flavia SB100 Drinkstation two years ago. It is perfect for a small office like mine. It can serve up to 6 drinks at a time. The best part is that it is perfect fit for my small office, it is small and compact.

A commercial coffee maker has to fulfill two most important requirements - first it should be fast so that there are no queues, no delays and second it should be able to offer a variety of drinks. Flavia SB100 Drinkstation qualifies on both criterions.

It makes a fresh brewed cup of coffee in less than 50 seconds and it offers 30 different varieties of coffees to select from so that the individual can select his own personal favorite.
And since it is so small it doesn't need to be plumbed to the wall. Plus the coffee is really great, it is really addictive. And since I have bought it, it has made me quite likable among my subordinates.

The only negative aspect of Flavia Drinkstation SB100 is that it needs to be properly looked after and maintained. And the other thing is that you get used to the same coffee and after some time you feel like you want a change. But over all if have to rate it then i would give it 4 out of 5.

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