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Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks Station

Flavia is one of the competitive brands when it comes to coffee makers. It takes pride in its many reliable models such as the Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks Station. This coffee maker has a lot of good features that make it attractive to a lot of consumers.

Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks Station has a size dimension of 14.2 X 10.8 X 15.8 inches. The unit weighs approximately 13 pounds. This model brews over 30 types of drinks and has lots of other features that would make your brewing a great deal easier and efficient. This model is offered at a slightly higher price than other brands, however.

If you are thinking of buying one for your home or office use, read on to know the advantages and the disadvantages of using Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks.


Many customers commend this unit because of its capacity to brew more than 30 drinks, from coffee and tea to cappuccino and chococcino. With this coffee maker, you can serve yourself an excellent drink without making so much effort. Consumers are also pleased by this model's unique brewing system.

The unit uses filterpacks that make cleanups after brewing almost unnecessary. With this feature, you don't have to worry about the mess after you brewed something. After you brewed coffee, for instance, you don't have to wash the equipment.

You can just brew a tea right after the coffee. Another great thing about this brewing system is that there would be no carryover of taste from previous brewing.

The adjustable height of the unit is also one of the features that many consumers truly appreciate. The adjustable height could accommodate cups of any size. The unit also features a large capacity removable tank. The large capacity removable tank helps in the easy cleaning and maintenance of the coffee maker.

Flavia J10NBK comes with activated-charcoal water filter, which is also easy to clean. Aside from this, purchase of this product also includes a travel mug, filterpacks, classic and green teas, choco and syrups for specialty concoctions. The product comes with a one-year warranty, so you doesn't have to worry if the unit gets damaged within a year of its purchase and needs replacement.


According to some users, one of the drawbacks to using Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks is that the unit is carried by very few retailers. There are at times when you have to purchase it directly from Flavia. This is quite a disadvantage because consumers usually want a product that is easy to find and that is available from almost every store.

Another negative comment about this unit is that it makes noise. However, some users say that the noise is not really a big thing for it only lasts for 15 seconds.

Some consumers cite the price of the unit as its major drawback. According to them, Flavia J10NBK is a great deal expensive compared to coffee makers from other brands.


- can brew more than 30 drinks
- has a state-of-the art brewing system
- has an adjustable height for cups of any size
- has a large capacity tank
- has a removable tank for easy cleanups


- a bit expensive
- few retailers sell the product
- makes some noise

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