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Flavia Fusion Deluxe

The Flavia Fusion Deluxe is the bigger brother of the award-winning Flavia Fusion. Taking on from where the Fusion left off, this Deluxe version has some great upgrades, including a number of extra features to build on all of the things that Flavia did right with the Fusion.

The Flavia Fusion Deluxe is not only a coffeemaker, but it can also make you a cup of espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and numerous flavored beverages that come in convenient Flavia Filterpacks. Read on to learn more about what makes the Flavia Fusion Deluxe a desirable beverage machine.

Key features

- Great design that incorporates stainless steel and a graphite body for a look that is cleaner and more beautiful than the previous model.
- The water tank can fit a good amount of water (enough for 6 cups) and it has a handle that makes removing, cleaning, and handling the water tank much easier and more convenient.
- The water tank also has a clear area that allows you to see the water level so you know when it's time for a refill.
- This coffeemaker makes use of Flavia's brew-by-pack technology, which comes in a wide variety of flavor packs and it makes for easy brewing and making maintenance.
- The Flavia Fusion Deluxe also has an adjustable head, which can be moved up or down to accommodate different sizes of cups. You can even fit a full-size travel mug under the head.
- The reservoir has its own filter that helps to ensure clean, hot water with every pour.
- Blue LED lights on the button controls help you distinguish what brewing mode and options you have selected.
- Easy-to-use controls are placed right atop the machine.
- The machine also has a hot water dispenser button, which allows you to pour a cup of hot water with the press of a button.


The Flavia Fusion Deluxe enjoys the many benefits of its predecessor, but its added features also help to boost the value of this great machine. First off, the machine has a sizable reservoir that has now been fitted with a handle and a water level indicator.

Second, the Deluxe machine has been made slightly smaller than the previous version, which is a welcome change for those who have limited space for their coffee machine.

Third, the Flavia Fusion Deluxe can make a variety of drinks and the brew-by-pack technology makes it easy to pop in a new flavor pack for a different drink, without you having to take apart and clean the machine.

Finally, the machine just looks better, with its stainless steel accents, graphite body, blue LED lights, and easy controls.


The disadvantages of the Flavia Fusion Deluxe are quite similar to those of the of Flavia Fusion. Basically, the main disadvantage is that the machine doesn't allow you to use your own tea leaves or coffee grounds.

Instead, you have to order flavor packs from Flavia, and although there is a wide variety of flavors available, not all are great. Besides, you are likely to miss your favorite brew of coffee, especially if you're the type who enjoys mixing different grounds for a unique and personal brew.

Another disadvantage of the Deluxe machine is that the upgrades made to the machine may not be worth the extra bucks you have to pay for it over the Flavia Fusion.

- Great, durable design
- Water tank handle and visible water level
- Blue LED makes it easier to distinguish the mode and options of the brew
- Ability to brew various types of drinks
- Comes with over 100 flavor packs
- Holds 6 cups in the reservoir

- Can only use Flavia flavor packs
- Doesn't have enough upgrades to warrant the price hike
- Still rather large despite downsize from earlier version

Comments for Flavia Fusion Deluxe

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Oct 25, 2014
broken door, second time NEW
by: Anonymous

does anyone know how to get a door fixed on a fusion? it just wears out, 2nd time for me UGH!

Dec 10, 2012
Replacement Parts
by: Anonymous

I found replacement p.arts for my Fusion on their website

Sep 07, 2011
Great Machine Bad Support and Service
by: Alan Davie

This is a great machine resulting in great drinks, our seal for the water tank has a small cut in it and is now leaking and I'm unable to replace the seal I have to buy a new machine at a cost of £178 or more. I spoke with the company they advised if it was under warranty they would replace otherwise all they can offer is a new machine.

i have to ask myself the following:-

Why buy another product which cannot be repaired
Why buy from a company who do not support their products especially at the cost.

The down side is I actually bought another for a present for someone how stupid am I.

Jun 14, 2011
Water tank leaks
by: Anonymous

This is the second machine I recive and I have experience the same problem, namely water leakage from the tank. The leakage occurs were the tank has two holes for the water level indicators. There are two dinky little washers that obviously are not doing its job and allow water to leak. The pump vibration obviously contributes to this, but I believe this is a serious design flaw and I expect this to be a common problem. The mechanism that closes the door and pierces the coffee pouches also appears weak and probably wont last very long. Also the maximum water amount that can be dispensed is still not enough to fill a regular size mug. So, I would not recommend this model if you don't like water on your counters and drink mug sized beverages.

Mar 23, 2010
can't find replacement parts
by: Robert Brown

Consumer Beware!!!

Flavia only warranties this product for 1 year. After that time, you're up the creek if the unit stops working. There are no replacement parts and there is no repair service available from Flavia.

Dec 18, 2008
Not much to break?
by: Robert

Thermostats can be flaky on any coffee maker. That's one of the key components of the unit. I've had office coffee makers go out because of bad thermostats. Now most are easy to fix with just a simple replacement part.

My complaint is they don't offer any replacement parts or repair services. You simply chunk the unit in your already overflowing landfill and purchase a new one. Typical thinking that really needs to change. I expected more from a company like Mars.

Dec 18, 2008
But it's a great product!
by: Patrick

I've had my Flavia SB100 for over 5 years now. It works like a charm every time. The coffee is great! There is really very little to break on it. We make about 5-6 cups every day. I use a timer to turn the unit on in the morning and off later so it's not on constantly. If it goes tomorrow, I will buy another one and feel like I've had my money's worth out of it.

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