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Flavia is an exciting company that takes a lot of pride in what they do. Their focus is on quality coffee that is selected from the best growers around the world and then sealed to maintain peak freshness.

The Flavia coffee makers are the ultimate product for brewing this select coffee into the ultimate cup. Flavia coffee makers can be purchased for a single user or a large business of over fifty people.

Not only are Flavia coffee makers some of the most advanced models for custom coffee brewing at home or the office, but they do not stop at being passionate about the quality of their coffee.

Compared to many other leading brands, Flavia strives for low energy use, efficient design, and using sustainable resources. All of their efforts in this area prove their commitment to coffee and to the environment.

Owners of these coffee makers know they have a quality product that is environmentally friendly, and brews fantastic coffee. It is important to have the features you want without sacrificing taste. Whether you are looking for a home unit intended to serve one to four people, or a larger corporate unit for over fifty employees, Flavia has the solution.

Home Brewers

” flavia fusion star ratings
• Type: Drink Station
• Style: stainless steel and plastic
• Functions: easy use controls, makes 30+ drinks, adjustable height, removable water tank
• Feature: large reservoir, very little mess, hassle-free brewing

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 flavia fusion deluxe flavia fusion deluxe star ratings
• Type: Brewer
• Style: black, stainless steel and plastic
• Function: removable water reservoir, 5 drink volume settings, removable drip tray
• Feature: special water filter, quick make capuccino and frothy drinks

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Office Brewers

 flavia SB100 flavia SB100 star ratings
• Type: Drink Station
• Style: black, plastic with stainless steel
• Function: 2 drink volume settings, removable drip tray
• Feature: compact size, brewing compartment stays clean, large water reservoir

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 flavia creation 200 flavia creation 200 star ratings
• Type: single serve, Brewer
• Style: plastic, black with silver accents
• Function: fixed and can be plumbed reservoir, 5 drink volume settings, LED indicators
• Feature: energy efficient, hassle-free and reliable, frothy drink option

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 flavia creation 400 flavia creation 400 star ratings
• Type: Drink Station
• Style: plastic, black with white accents
• Function: plumb or pour over, select drink strength and size, choices of operation ( free vending, coin or token control )
• Feature: new hot tank system, GUI and LCD screen, drink ready in 30 secs

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Flavia Overview

Whether you need a coffee maker for your home or business – big or small, Flavia make a coffee maker for your needs.

Flavia Drink stations are more than just simple coffee makers however, these machines use state of the art technology to brew not only coffee, but gourmet coffees and fresh teas and iced drinks – in fact they can brew over 30 different beverages!

The Flavia drink stations are a coffee machine, tea pot and espresso machine all combined into one sleek looking modern machine.

Overview of the Flavia

The Flavia drink stations are packed with the latest technology from the activated charcoal water filter that purifies every cup of water through to the special brewing system that allows you to make any cup of coffee, tea gourmet coffee and not have it tainted by the sort of drink brewed before it.

The Flavia systems also allow you to brew a fresh cup of which ever drink you want in just 35 seconds.

Flavia for the Work Place

Flavia SB100 Drinkstation

Flavia make a domestic machine the Fusion drink station for home use this machine can brew up to 6 drinks at a time (remember they can be any combination of different beverages!)

Flavia also make 2 different drink stations for office use the SB100 for workplaces with up to 25 employees and the Flavia Creation 400 which is suitable for businesses with over 25 employees.

The first machine we will look at in depth is the Flavia SB100 drink station which is the drinks station designed for commercial use in workplaces with up to 25 employees.

One of the great benefits of this commercial machine over other drink stations on offer for your office is the fact that it does not have to be plumbed; this machine has a large water reservoir and requires very little space. This makes it fantastic choice for even the smallest lunch room!

The Flavia SB100 drink station can brew over 30 different individual drinks so every employee will be able to find a drink to suit them.

The drinks brewed by the drink station are all individually brewed from pack to cup which has two terrific benefits – first, the individual drinks will not be tainted by the drink previously brewed.

You will be able to make a delicate tea immediately after a full espresso without any taste, flavor or aroma tainting!

The second advantage of the system is that it is mess free you will not have to deal with coffee grounds or tea leaves.

All the mess is contained in the packet which you simply throw away.

The Flavia SB100 drink station is also amazing quick to brew the individual drinks, you will have a freshly brewed cup in 45 seconds; when you first get to work in the morning it will only take three minutes for the machine to warm up and be able to provide you and your colleagues with your morning “fix”.

Flavia Creation 400

The Flavia Creation 400 comes with all of the features of the SB100 but is a larger unit that is suitable for offices of more than 25 people.

The Flavia Creation 400 drinks station is also a great solution for places such as auto dealerships and other places where the public must wait and may want a cup of coffee or tea.

The Flavia Creation 400 can either be plumbed or you can choose a model with a traditional water reservoir, and a coin accepter can even be fitted to the drink station so that customers in a waiting room etc can purchase a cup of coffee or one of the more than 30 beverages the drink station can brew.

This drink station will (like the Flavia SB100) brew a cup in 40 seconds and will be ready to dispense the first cup of the morning in just 5o seconds.

This machine has a modern sleek ergonomic looking design and features a LCD screen that is intuitive to use and allows the user to choose the size and strength of the drink brewed.

Flavia for the home

Flavia have also provided a domestic model of the drink station (they probably got too many complaints from people who have become addicted to the drinks they can get at work.)

The domestic drink station is called the Flavia Fusion Drinks Station and has all of the features of the commercial machines including the ability to brew over 30 different types of drink that will not be tainted in any way by the drink previously brewed because of the pack to cup brewing system.

The Flavia Fusion Drinks station has five different cup sizes that you can select; you will even be able to brew a drink in your travel cup!

The Fusion drink station also has a built in water purifier that ensures you get the highest quality cup of coffee possible!

All of this choice and convenience at the touch of one button! This drink station will brew your drink in 35 seconds and will only take 90 seconds in the morning to heat up from cold.

The Flavia Fusion Drink Station is a very sleek and modern looking machine that comes in two models the Flavia Drink Station which is available in three colours red, a pastel baby blue and black.

The Flavia Deluxe Drink Station has all of the features of the Flavia drink station but this machine has a metal finish that they call graphite – you can think of it as a brushed stainless steel and chrome style finish.

Flavia Coffee Packs

All of the Flavia drink stations use the Flavia drink packs that simply fit into the machine and the hot water is passed through the pack so that each cup is brewed individually, this means that every cup is brewed perfectly and there is no residue or tainting from the last drink brewed.

The pack can then be removed from the machine and the whole process is mess free – you do not have to deal with coffee grinds or tea leaves!

Flavia have over 30 different drink packs available coffees, teas, wellbeing (specialty teas) and indulgence (specialty hot chocolates lattes etc.)

The range covers everything from tea and coffee through to espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and the specialty teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

No matter what your drink needs or tastes, Flavia have a solution for you.

They have comprehensively covered both the range of drinks available and also the places you need a drink machine for – they provide a solution for home and businesses large or small.

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