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Farberware FCP280 Percolator 8-cup

Stainless Steel with Detachable Cord and Keep Warm Feature

Stainless Steel with Detachable Cord and Keep Warm Feature

The Faberware FCP280 stainless steel percolator has many features that coffee lovers would surely appreciate. This percolator is stylish and has a stay-cool handle for the safety of the user. It is designed to be highly convenient, ensuring ease of use.

Interior Features
  • The percolator has a capacity of 8 cups. This unit makes it an ideal addition to any household with lots of coffee lovers.
  • The unit has a keep-warm function when the pot is plugged in. This feature will make it easy for you to serve cups of coffee brimming hot.
  • The unit also comes in stainless steel body, which adds to its durability. This means that is can last for a long time, as it won't get damaged easily if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

    Exterior features

  • The percolator has a stylish design. This unit looks sleek and very elegant, which is perfect for a kitchen with a modern theme.
  • The unit has a detachable cord. This makes it easy for you to serve the content of the percolator. The detachable cord also makes it easy for you to keep the unit in your kitchen cabinet.
  • The percolator has a stay-cool handle. This makes it easy for you to serve the coffee, using a handle that helps you avoid accidentally burning your fingers.

    Dimension Specifications

    Measurement: 8.8 x 7 x 11 inches.
    Weight: 1.5 pounds
    Total volume or number of cups: 8 cups


    The Faberware FCP280 is a good percolator for those who love to drink coffee. This is because the unit can produce a good number of cups. So even if you want to make 8 cups in one brewing, you can use this percolator and only wait for minutes for a hot cup of java. You are also given options for the serving capacity. This percolator is also available in 4 cups. You can serve coffee hot through the "keep-warm" feature of this percolator. All you have to do is to plug in the cord into the percolator and connect it to an electrical outlet. The stainless steel body of the unit is durable. This actually makes the percolator long-lasting. You can actually save a lot of money with this item because with this, you don't have to buy new ones every now and then. The percolator is also easy to clean and maintain. Because it is made of stainless steel, you can have an easy time washing it. You can also be sure that it will not retain any weird taste from your last brewing.


    There are other percolators with the same features that are offered at much lower prices. It is not available in other colors and designs, although you have options for the size. The unit also lacks some useful features that could have been more beneficial to coffee lovers. One of these features is the automatic timer for brewing.


  • 8-cup capacity
  • detachable cord
  • keep warm option
  • stay-cool handle
  • brews fast
  • durable
  • stylish shape and design


  • a bit expensive
  • no automatic brewing feature

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