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Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator 4 to 8 cups

 with Permanent Filter Basket and Stay-cool Synthetic Handle

with Permanent Filter Basket and Stay-cool Synthetic Handle

The Faberware 50124 Classic Yosemite stainless steel percolator serves 4 to 8 cups of coffee per brew. This sleek percolator has features that make the process of brewing easy and fast. This unit has many good features that consumers would appreciate such as the 18/10 polished stainless steel body that combines both beauty and function.

Interior Features
  • This stainless steel percolator has a permanent filter basket. This means that you don't need messy filters in order to use the percolator, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • The percolator can make 4 to 8 cups of coffee, making it an ideal device for personal use o those with small household.
  • The unit is designed for easy cleaning that there your last brewing won't leave a weird taste on the percolator. This prevents spoiling the taste of your next brew.

    Exterior features

  • The percolator is made of 18/10 stainless steel polished mirror finish. This feature makes the unit durable and long-lasting, while lending it a stylish and modern look.
  • This percolator has a stay-cool synthetic handle that keeps you safe. This feature prevents you from burning your fingers.
  • The unit is also designed to be dishwasher-safe. It means you can easily wash it without worrying about the unit getting damaged.

    Dimension Specifications

    Measurement: 8-1/4 by 6-5/6 by 9 inches
    Weight: 2.2 pounds
    Total volume or number of cups: 4 to 8 cups


    The Faberware percolator is sleek and has a very modern look because of its shiny surface. If your kitchen has a modern theme, this percolator is one of the best additions. Its stainless steel color gives it an elegant and stylish appeal. However, this design can also fit into a kitchen with a retro look. A good about this stainless steel percolator is that it has a permanent filter basket, providing you with better efficiency. With this basket, you don't have to use messy paper filters anymore. Cleaning and maintaining the percolator is also very easy. The unit's filter basket and glass cap can actually be washed through the dishwasher.You can ensure your safety with this percolator because its handle is synthetic, keeping it cool at all times. Because of this, you won't accidentally burn your fingers. The handle is also slightly textured to prevent accidental slips. One of the best things about this percolator is the price, which is reasonable given its make and finish.


    This stainless steel percolator is not available in another color and design. Although the unit has a sleek finish, some consumers would go for those that offer more options. With this percolator, you can't make cups of coffee for ten or more people because this one has a capacity of 4 to 8 cups only. If you have many family members who love to drink coffee, then this percolator is not the best product to buy.


  • stainless steel finish
  • permanent filters
  • stay-cool synthetic handle
  • dishwasher-safe parts
  • stylish and modern
  • can also complement a retro-themed kitchen
  • cheaper compared to other percolators


  • has no alternative design and color
  • not ideal for large households

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