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Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 3A-C103

by Manoj
(Varanasi,Uttar pradesh,INDIA)

I live with my family having five members. I wakeup in early morning and I need a cup of coffee when I woke up from sleep. In my family, only, I am the person who drinks coffee, others, they just need tea.

And I have no more time to make coffee, so, that’s why I decided to buy a coffee maker. One of my friends suggested me to buy Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 3A-C103 (Model No.). Next day I visited to my nearest and best appliances store and place an order of this appliance. The retailer also advised me to buy this product. Then I have not wasted more time bought it.

I don’t remember the cost but it was in my budget.
However, when I have bought this machine I found its design very complicated, but when I have started using it, it became easier as per day use. Its features and quality of work is too good.
It has 3-way selector knob, fixed steam pipe, safety value in cap, detachable drip tray, power indicator with a sleek look. The capacity of its boiler is 240cc, more powerful.

Automatic self-priming producing constant pressure (3 to 5 bars).
800W (110-120V/60Hz 80W).

Up to one year have been passed using this product, still it is working properly and never asked for a service. I just want to say that, every person who wants to buy a coffee maker, if they need a nice coffee, they must have to buy a coffee maker like this.

Now my younger brother likes to have a mug of coffee with me in morning.

The feature, which I liked mostly of this product, is its 3-way knob selector.
It’s too easy to use and gives a better performance.

Well, this product is serving me excellent performance.

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