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Espressione Espresso Maker, Cafe Retro

This espresso maker is so cute. I bought it recently and I can say that I love it. It has a vintage - retro style that is so adorable and pretty. The red color is bright and divine. This espresso maker is like a piece of art. I love how it looks in my kitchen with my other vintage appliances and decoration. It not only looks cool, it also function perfectly.

It's a hit. The Espressione Espresso Maker prepare a rich and aromatic cup of espresso coffee that taste delicious. The heat time for this machine is very short.

It only needs two minutes or less to heat. It is nice because you can save time. Another feature I like about this espresso maker is that it can be used for ground coffee or coffee servings, so it is practical and useful. The chrome pod and pod filter looks nice and are of quality.

I very content about this espresso maker because I obtained a product with a high quality and great style. I enjoy to use it and I love the time to do and make the rich espresso coffee. The price I paid for this espresso maker was expensive but I don't care because I like it to much and I satisfied with the product.

I recommend it for people who love espresso coffee, retro style and quality. Also this espresso maker is a nice piece of conversation and admiration. It is the best espresso maker I had bought.

- for this espresso maker are the great style
- the quality.

- are the expensive price
- don't have much features for the price.

I give it a rating of 5.

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