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durbrand model cm 2055

by Dan Lawlor
(St Catharines ON)

hey my names dan lawlor im blind i live in a group home in st catharines im a huge coffee drinker every morning i scoop in 2 coffee scoops in the filter basket pour in the water close the top cover&hit the start button it lights a super bright red as red is my faverit colour i lost my vision at 20 i have a marking on the 12 at the top of the pot in case i make an entire pot if i have friends over&where just hanging out i love tim hortons fine grind coffee my unit has a round filter basket i love the units with the top cover rather then the swinging filter basket holders because they attend to drip out coffee&grinds with the top cover nothing can escape it has a locking feature you just lightley push down on the peace in the front center on the top cover&it will click down&lock in place when i hit the start button i hear a cool gurgleing noise then brewing begins the sprayhead is on the inside on top of the cover when brewing gets very slow i will run a white viniger&water mixture through the unit to get the kellcium&lime build up clear of the inside of the metal tube running up from the inside of the base up to the sprayhead thanks

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