Mr Coffee DRX5 Review

Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker seems to be the perfect machine for those who need a compact coffee maker for limited space or for those who want to reduce their intake of coffee.

Overall, this machine seems to be a good buy for the consumer. There are a few problems that have been discovered with certain machines but this is to be expected in any product.

These problems seem to come in the form of personal preferences in the individual consumer and not so much with the inner workings of the machine.

The Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker is worth taking a closer look.

A Good Cup Of Java

So far, no complaints have been logged in about the finished product of the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker. There is a great advantage to having a machine that will be ready when you wake up. The Mr.

Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker allows the user to set the timer a day in advance and also has an automatic shut-off for an hour after the coffee is made.

For those individuals who have a rush in the morning to get out the door, this works wonderfully. Your coffee is ready without a large amount of fuss and assures the consumer of no more worries with leaving the pot on through the day.

You can also pour a cup of coffee even though the entire pot is not finished brewing. It also provides a pouring design that does not have a reputation for spilling over the cup.

Bad Electronics

The Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker has been found to have a few kinks with the programmable display units. One consumer found that the clock seems to be running on its own time and slows to be at least two minutes behind each day.

When not corrected every day, the coffee maker becomes so far behind, it does not even warrant being programmed to brew coffee on a schedule.

Another consumer found the machine to take a longer amount of time to brew a full pot of coffee than that of a larger pot of coffee.

Some of the consumers who purchased the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker seem to find the hour shut-off a very inconvenient feature.

It might be great for those who are on the go or forgetful in turning off the pot but for those Saturday mornings when a cup of coffee should be sipped slowly, it does not seem to work.

The Grand Conclusion

All in all, this Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker seems to be a good machine to purchase. Except for some picky coffee drinkers out there who have their own quirks about it, this product seems to be a fine choice to consider.

As for the more avid coffee drinker, it might be worth the time to look into a large coffee maker as this only brews four cups at a time.

The design seems to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and except for a few minor inconveniences it works well.

Mr Coffee Thermal TFTX85 Specs


 Program fresh coffee up to 24 hours in advance

 Able to see how much water is in the reservoir

1 hour auto shut off 

cord storage 

on / off indicator 

 brewing pause and serve

weight - 4 lbs 

 water filtration adaptable

 stain resistant warming plate

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