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DeLonghi pump driven Espresso/Cappuccino maker. #BAR32

by Jada

$DeLonghi BAR32
Retro Pump-Driven
35 ounce Espresso Maker

I bought my coffee maker about a year ago from Sear's. Which means my one year warranty is due to expire this month I believe. It still seems to be in tip top shape, I absolutely love it! The way that it froths the milk is amazing, especially for the price of the machine. I also liked that you could use espresso pods or regular ground coffee as well.

The anti-drip works great too, even with really fine coffee. Another feature that I have not had on previous machines is the separate water and steam thermostats, one for each cup. Each side fits standard size coffee mugs as well, not just the little cups. The clean up is sweet and simple, it generally takes me about 5 min to clean up my mess; The removable drip tray helps.

I do have to say that the machine does get a bit loud, however, its only for seconds to maybe a minute. It's worth it for a good cup of coffee. It may also take you a few tries before you get it to taste how you like it, but play around with it, you can create so many different kinds of flavor! The size of the entire machine is very convenient. It is definitely smaller than ones I have purchased in the past. It doesn't take up a lot of counter space, and still gets the job done right.

The past machines I have had have been $50-$60 and did not last long. They either stopped brewing all together or burned out. The last two I bought before the Delonghi were the Braun brand; Which i was very dissatisfied with. But the Delonghi at $160-$180 is well worth the extra $100, at one year of service I have yet to have any complaints with the appliance. It's a great product, I recommend to anyone!

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Nov 13, 2009
An espresso machine that makes excellent coffee, but some maintenance is required.
by: Anonymous

- Simple dials and easy to use.
- Sleek color and style, fits in with a kitchen ambiance.

- Time consuming to clean and maintain.
- Slightly bulky and large.

The Delonghi Pump Driven Espresso/Cappuccino Maker was a great purchase for my wife and I. Although it was more expensive than many other espresso makers like it, it was well worth the money. We purchased it at Sears for around $100 during the summer of 2009, and it is still working and operating well today.

The main feature that I love about this espresso maker is the dual-function filter holder that can hold two different attachments. My wife and I can then have different grinds or brews of coffee in the same machine, which is extremely convenient in the morning as we rush off to work. We often have different favorite flavors of coffee and this option is an excellent feature of the product.

It also has a subtle color, black with silver accents really fits in well with the kitchen at our home. The bad side of this espresso maker is that we frequently need to clean it, at least once a week. This can be annoying, but the coffee tastes so great that the maintenance is not a big problem.

It is also a little big compared to most other espresso makers, but we have plenty of room, so it is not a problem. Overall, an espresso machine that makes excellent coffee, but some maintenance is required.

Apr 20, 2009
Easy to use and makes delicious coffee
by: Anonymous

I fell in love with the Delonghi Retro Expresso Maker. I love espresso, and I think I was probably spending over $1,000 a year by just going to Starbucks once or twice a day to satisfy my craving. I have always seen espresso machines at my rich friends house which all have costed at least $500. I actually bought the maker off of E-bay for only $125.00. This has been well worth the price. I have had it for 5 months and it has already, in my opinion, paid itself off.

First off, the main reason I have never gotten one in the past is because I did not think that it would ever be worth $500 or more. Well I was wrong when it came to that. When taking in the convenience, money saved at coffee shops, and the flavor you get out of it, it is definitely worth the $500. The thing is I never have this much money sitting around to blow on things like coffee. The price was right when it came to this one though.

Not only is the coffee delicious, but it is very easy to use and understand. The one thing I saw at some of the more expensive machines, is that it looked like it took rocket science to operate the thing. Mine, though is very easy to use and clean as well. In just a couple quick steps I have delicious espresso and in just about the same amount of steps I have a clean machine ready to do it all over again.

Lastly, the surprising thing was, I thought that because its cheap it is going to be loud, like the one you hear at restaurants and coffee houses. This one is very quiet which is good because my fiancee and I wake up at different times. Overall, a really great espresso machine and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mar 10, 2009
Love the ease and quickness of this maker
by: Anonymous

We received the DeLonghi BAR32 Retro Espresso Maker as a gift for the Christmas of 2008. As this was our first Espresso Maker, we were unsure of what to expect from an Espresso Maker. This machine really got us hooked in a hurry! The Espresso is perfect each and every time. Exceptionally creamy. It is simply delightful to be able to enjoy the types of coffees we were used to receiving at Starbucks, but now enjoying in the comfort of our own home.

We used the machine so much within the weeks following Christmas, that I thought me might actually wear it out! But the Espresso Maker has proved itself to be virtually indestructible! We have really enjoyed the lattes as well! This Espresso Machine is very easy to clean and the water tank is so simple to remove.

The drip tray is easily cleaned via the dishwasher! With our machine, we received several free gifts including a stainless steel Espresso brew pitcher. This pitcher has been a wonderful feature and greatly appreciated. A straight sided stainless steel frothing pitcher was also received as a gift. This too has been a wonderful asset. The Espresso Maker is retro in appearance with all the modern amenities.

We love the unique style it brings to our kitchen. The Maker uses a fine ground coffee or pods, but we prefer to use the fine ground coffee. A sample of which was also received in our free gifts. We use this machine at least two times a day. We love the ease and quickness of the Espresso Maker. We have, as a matter of fact, recommended this machine to several of our friends.

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