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DeLonghi KG89 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder

The DELONGHI KG89 can produce the freshest, most delicious coffee from the user’s choice beans through its burr grinding wheel’s consistent performance. Coffee can be very fine or very coarse or anywhere in-between, depending on the setting made on the grind selector. The stainless steel frame makes for a perfect rust-free enclosure of fresh coffee.

Interior Features

  • The DELONGHI KG89 produces uniformly-textured coffee through its powerful, stainless steel burr grinding wheel. The wheel crushes the beans in a fast, efficient manner. The grind selector allows the user to choose just how far the burr will crush the beans. The coffee produced can range from ultra fine to extra coarser through the selector. This is to satisfy the preferences of different people.
  • The coffee grinder can serve a minimum of four cups and a maximum of 12 cups. The selection is controlled through the quantity knob.
  • The dual safe system used by the coffee grinder ensures that the appliance shuts down or remains off when either the bean container or the ground coffee is removed.

    Exterior Features

  • The DELONGHI KG89 has a transparent lid, which is good for taking a safe peek at the coffee being grounded or having just been grounded. Without lifting the lid, the user can decide whether the texture is good enough. The ground coffee container is also transparent, for easy viewing.
  • A simple on/off button is used in this overall easy to use coffee grinder. User-friendliness is important in making sure the user can ground just the right amount and texture of coffee while keeping perfectly safe.
  • The cord has a self-contained storage in the coffee grinder so that things can be kept neat and safe in the kitchen. If there are no other storage spaces available, the KG89 can easily be left on the countertop. It won’t look messy and it won’t cause accidents.

    Dimension Specifications

    Length: 6.3 inches
    Width: 5.04 inches
    Height: 10.12 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 4 to 12 cups
    Weight: 5 pounds


    The DELONGHI KG89 can produce just the right texture of coffee through the help of an easy to use texture control knob. Though the number of texture options is not emphasized, the coffee grinder can deliver just about any type of coffee beverage. The coffee grinder is designed to be especially safe. If there is a part that has been removed or opened, the machine will not operate. So, the user will not be in danger of getting scalded or burnt. The option of four cups to 12 cups produced per grind is really convenient and practical. Four cups should be enough for some families and small group of friends, while 12 cups can be enough for a small party or a small office.


    It can be a bit pricey, at over a hundred bucks.


  • consistent texture
  • fresh, delicious coffee
  • dual safety system used
  • easy to use
  • has removable parts for easy cleaning
  • adjustable number of cups produced
  • adjustable texture


  • a little on the expensive side

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