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DeLonghi ICM-2 Filter Coffee Maker

I am very pleased with my DeLonghi ICM-2 filter coffee maker. It is a reliable, well-designed little machine that takes up very little space on my counter and makes excellent coffee. It is robust and easy on the budget – definitely the best filter coffee maker I have owned.

The machine has a ‘stop-drip’ mechanism, so that no coffee gets spilled onto the heating plate when you are pouring that all-important first cup in the morning. You do have to remember to push the coffee carafe right to the back of the machine, though, so that it hits the ‘stop-drip’ lever, or your coffee will not go into the pot! This happened to me once at the beginning, so I now double-check that the carafe is in place. Another advantage is the washable filter. It is made of fine nylon and is a cinch to clean.

I have always disliked messy paper filters, so this was a decisive point for me when I was making my choice. I also find that this type of filter makes better coffee, too. Of course, you need good quality coffee to begin with, but the taste really comes through. Water quantities are well-marked on both the carafe and the water reservoir so no guessing is involved. My model doesn’t turn off automatically, however, which is a slight disadvantage.

Nor is the reservoir the easiest part to clean, if like me, you accidentally pour coffee grounds into it instead of into the filter. I’d like that to be improved, if possible. That’s why I can’t give it a full five stars. All in all, an excellent purchase.

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