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DeLonghi ESAM6620 Prima Donna Espresso Machine

Stainless Steel Fully Coffeemaker 2-Cup 13 Grinding Settings Integrated Grinder

Stainless Steel Fully Coffeemaker 2-Cup 13 Grinding Settings Integrated Grinder

DeLonghi Prima Donna ESAM6620 15 Bar Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Machine (Stainless Steel) offers several features designed for the convenience of espresso, cappuccino, and coffee lovers. This machine has an integrated grinder, several programs, and other adjustable features for the convenience of consumers.

Interior Features
  • This unit has an integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding settings that allow you to produce great-tasting coffee within a few minutes. It also has adjustable water and coffee quantity features.
  • A programmable automatic switch on and shut off feature offers more convenience. The machine's state-of-the-art, patented thermablock feature results into espresso cups that are consistently hot.

    Dimension Specification

    Dimension: 42 x 28.5 x 38 cm

    Exterior Features

  • The unit has a removable water reservoir for easy filling and washing.
  • The convenient cup warmer allows users to pre-heat the beverages before serving.
  • The dip tray of this unit can be removed for easy washing.
  • It also has a water level indicator that allows you to easily monitor the amount of liquid on the tank.
  • The brewing unit is removable as well.
  • The machine's coffee dispenser is adjustable so that users can use cups of varying sizes. You can actually use a cup with the height of up to 140 mm.
  • For added convenience, the empty water and beans container indicator makes it easy for you to know when it's time to refill the water tank and the bean container.


    Maintaining this unit is easy with its cleaning warning for the cappuccino system. With this machine you can really concoct great tasting beverages through its various features such as the grinding settings and the water hardness programs. Another great thing about this unit is that even if you forget to turn it off, the machine has a feature that automatically shuts it down.

    The machine is also easy to handle. It lends you flexibility through its various adjustable features such as its coffee quantity and water quantity settings. You can easily determine the amount of liquid in the tank with the highly visible water indicator of the unit. This machine can also help you save on elctricity because after a few hours, it switches off automatically with zero power consumption. With this machine, you can prepare two cups of coffee in a single brewing. Because the coffee dispenser of this unit is adjustable, you can actually use cups of varying sizes.

    With this machine, you can also have the option for a short, medium, or long, and mild or strong blend. The unit has a four-line text mirror-display for a more efficient way to brew coffee. The patented autocappuccino system allows you to make the perfect cup of cappuccino, Italian caffelatte, or latte macchiato.


    When using this machine, some have noticed that its arm can get too hot sometimes. The unit's price is higher compared to other items with almost the same features. For some, the built may look bulky.


  • easy to maintain and clean
  • can help you save on electricity
  • adjustable coffee dispenser
  • water level indicator
  • four-line text mirror-display


  • expensive compared to other units
  • arms get too hot
  • bulky

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