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DeLonghi ESAM5500M Perfecta Espresso Machine

Digital Super-Automatic Metallic Blue 7-1/2-cup Auto Shut Off Direct-to-Brew System

Digital Super-Automatic Metallic Blue 7-1/2-cup Auto Shut Off Direct-to-Brew System

The DeLonghi ESAM5500M Perfecta Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine comes in an attractive metallic blue color. The color and the design are not the only things attractive about this machine, as it also boasts several features such as a burr grinder, thermablock technology, and the Direct-to-Brew system.

Interior Features
  • The machine has a built-in burr grinder for a more efficient grinding of coffee beans. It also has a Direct-to-Brew system with Thermablock Technology which makes brewing easy and efficient and also ensures that the beverage is in ideal temperature even after some time.
  • The device has 15 bars pump pressure that allows one to make great tasting coffee. An auto-shut off clock effectively facilitates the efficient brewing of coffee, and helps you avoid overheating accidents.

    Exterior Features

  • The machine comes in a very attractive metallic blue color that can render your kitchen a modern look.
  • It has a timer that lets you know if brewing is already done. The machine also has a single-touch cappuccino and latte setting for an efficient way of making your favorite cup of coffee.
  • The milk container has a 25-ounce capacity. There is also a cup warmer to ensure that you serve your coffee, cappuccino and other beverages hot.
  • The control panel is electronic for the user's convenience. There are actually five coffee-strength settings to help you make your brew according to your taste.
  • The dip tray and coffee container are removable for efficient cleaning.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 14-7/8 inches
    Length: 11-1/7 inches
    Depth: 17-1/2 inches
    Weight: 23-1/7 lbs
    Total volume: 7 1/2 cups


    You can have a more efficient way of serving cups of coffee and other beverages through the unit's programmable brew amount. With the unit's timer, you don't have to monitor the brewing all the time. The unit allows you to serve at least 7 cups of coffee.

    This means that the machine is perfect for a large household.The adjustable coffee spouts can accommodate varying cups.You can also choose the strength of your coffee through the five strength settings. There are also options for you to adjust the temperature of water and coffee and also to adjust the water hardness. There is a rotary control panel that allows you to easily choose the cup size that you wish to use. You can also serve coffee brimming hot with the unit's cup warmer system.

    The unit is also easy to maintain because it uses a Decalcification System that lets you know when it is time to clean the machine. Aside from this, the unit has a non-stick grill plate for efficient cleaning. Compared to other units with the same features, this one is cheaper.


    For this unit, the choices for the color and the design are very limited because it only comes in metallic blue. The machine has a modern look so it won't really complement a kitchen with a retro theme.


  • appealing color and design
  • easy-to-manage control panel
  • has timer
  • 7-cup capacity
  • removable dip tray
  • coffee strength settings
  • great price


  • limitation in color
  • limitation in design
  • too modern for a retro-looking home

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