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DeLonghi EMK6 Alica Electric Black Moka Espresso/Coffee Maker

Black 6-cup with Permanent Filter and Transparemt Jug

Black 6-cup with Permanent Filter and Transparemt Jug

This sleek compact machine creates three to six cups of espresso. This design of the EMK6 from DeLonghi allows the users to put and store this machine anywhere. It is ideal for coffee lovers who do not have much space at home, or for the on-the-go office worker who has a little space on his or her desk. It is designed with a detachable base, transparent container, and cordless operation.

Interior Features
  • This machine may be plugged into an outlet and it can also run on batteries to be more convenient. This allows the user to easily take the machine to wherever he or she needs to without worrying about storing the cords or looking for a power outlet.
  • The Moka espresso machine has an automatic shut-off feature that lets you leave it to brew on its own without worrying about over-brewing your coffee. Plus, it has a keep warm function that lets you enjoy hot coffee all through out the day.

    Exterior Features

  • Despite keeping your coffee hot, the handles have a cool-touch feature that allows you to hold on to the kettle handle without the need for a mitt. It is very ideal, especially when you are going to serve the coffee.
  • The design is extremely compact and does not eat up space. It can be used both at home or at the office. The materials used for the machine are durable metal, which comes in handy especially when it is being transported.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product dimensions: 10.4 x 8.1 x 5.5 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 6 cups


    The machine has a transparent coffee container, which allows you to monitor the process of brewing your coffee. You can immediately see if there is something going on with the machine before it causes any mess. The filter adapter feature lets you choose to brew three cups or six, depending on whether you want to share or just enjoy a cup by yourself. The taste is consistent regardless if you brew less or more coffee. Water and ingredients can also be measured accurately. It is fairly easy to operate, without the complicated knobs and dials found in other espresso makers. It prevents over-brewing, hence, no burnt coffee taste, thanks to the auto shut-off feature. Maintenance is almost hassle-free for this espresso maker. You can stop worrying about stuck coffee grounds and other blends. Because of this, the good taste of espresso drinks are preserved.


    Although the rest of the machine is made out of durable metal, the jug is made out of plastic. Through constant use and through time, the jug begins to crack and it would lead to leaks.


  • cordless operation
  • compact design
  • has automatic shut-off feature
  • transparent jug
  • automatic shut-off feature
  • cool-touch feature


  • espresso taste not as good as other coffee blends
  • jug may break

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