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DeLonghi EC270 Pump Espresso Machine

15 Bar Black with Silver Accent 4-3/8 cups Pre-warmer Swivel Steam Pipe

15 Bar Black with Silver Accent 4-3/8 cups Pre-warmer Swivel Steam Pipe

De'Longhi EC270 Pump Espresso Machine, 15 Bar is a pumped espresso/capuccino maker with a 15 bar pressure pump. This espresso maker comes in black color with silver accent, giving it a modern appearance. This unit has several features designed to give efficiency and convenience to espresso lovers.

Interior Features
  • The unit has 15 bar pressure that makes the making of great tasting espresso and cappuccino possible through this machine. The unit is a pump machine, and a pump machine is actually the most traditional and well-known way to make espresso.
  • It has pods for ground coffee and ESE or Easy Serving Espresso. The unit's 1 Litre water reservoir is also one of its stand-out features. This one allows you to make several cups of espresso or other beverages.
  • The unit also has a built-in swivel steam pipe for making frothed milk. It also has a cup-warmer that can prewarm your coffee cups.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit has a very elegant and stylish design. The black and silver combination actually gives the unit a modern touch.
  • The simple three-button operation can help you make espresso and capuccino efficient. The controls include on/off, coffee, and cappuccino. The stainless steel removable dip tray of this espresso machine ensures its durability.

    Dimension and Specifications

    Height: 12-4/5 inches
    Length: 8-1/5 inches
    Depth: 12 inches
    Weight: 8-4/5 lbs
    Water tank capacity: 4-3/8 cups


    The machine's pumping system ensures that the coffee or the cappuccuni it produces taste authentic. With this unit, you won't have difficulty brewing coffee or making cappuccino because the control is easy to manage. There are only three buttons to choose from. Because the unit's tank accommodates 1 liter of water, it allows you to make several cups of beverages in one brewing. The pre-warmer ensures that your coffee or cappuccino is served hot. This espresso machine has an excellent look.

    The black and silver combination is really appealing to look at. The design of this machine makes it a perfect complement to modern kitchens with its black and silver combination. The overall built of the machine is also made to last.


    Unlike other new units, this one lacks some useful features such as the timer. It doesn't also have the programmable brew amounts that could prevent waste when you make a coffee or cappuccino through this machine. Aside from that, it also lacks the built-in grinder. There are also some complaints made regarding the quality control of Delonghi. Some consumers claimed that after using this unit for several days, the tank starts leaking. This unit is a bit expensive than other units, although many claim that this product offers value for their money


  • 15-bar pressure pump
  • traditional pumping method of making espresso
  • pre-warm your coffee
  • the stainless steel dip tray is durable
  • the design is excellent


  • bit expensive compared to other units
  • lacks useful features such as timer and programmable brew amounts
  • the quality of some items are not that excellent
  • has no built-in grinder
  • no options for other color and designs

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