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DeLonghi EC155 Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

by Danielle
(Columbus, Ohio)

This machine was the first and only espresso maker I've ever purchased. I used to buy the expensive Starbucks specialty drinks all the time which put quite a dent in my bank account. After having a latte made from my friend's espresso maker I decided to boycott Starbucks and make my own drinks.

I researched several different espresso makers before I settled on the DeLonghi EC155. I found someone on eBay who was selling their machine for half the cost of the full retail price. After using the machine for a month now I will never buy a cappuccino from Starbucks again.

The machine is very easy to use and clean. Although the design is not very sleek, it blends well with my other appliances. The many features I like about this machine include the adjustable steamer, the single selector knob, the removable drip tray, and the swivel jet frother.

I also like that the machine does not take long at all to warm up like other machines I have read about. It only takes me about 10 minutes to make my favorite cappuccino. Another attractive feature is that there is only one filter for both ground coffee and coffee pods. The water container is very big so that I do not need to constantly refill it.

I can usually get 10 to 12 shoots from it before I need to refill it. The drawbacks to this machine are that the frothing wand is very short and close to the counter.

I had to purchase a specific frothing cup in order to work with this machine. Another drawback is that after the espresso is made there is a soupy mix of coffee grinds and water left in the brewing basket.

This can be very messy when I’m trying to dispose of the coffee grinds. This is a great machine and for a moderate price. I would recommend this machine to first time espresso makers.

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