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DeLonghi EC140B Pump-Driven Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

by Jennifer L.
(Madison, Indiana, USA)

Delonghi EC140B Espresso Maker

Delonghi EC140B Espresso Maker

My Delonghi EC140B Espresso machine is compact and makes great coffee! My parents bought it for me for Christmas. It took me a total of about a half hour to clean it thoroughly and start drinking my first cup of cappuccino.

The great thing about this model is the patented "sempre crema" filter holder. Apparently, this is a feature on DeLonghi brand espresso makers only, at least that is what they advertise. I've never owned another machine to compare it to. As the water and coffee are pushed through it, it makes a very nice crema on top of the coffee that sweetens it a little and is essential for real espresso. In regular coffee, I usually add a lot of sugar, but with the crema and foam from the frother, I rarely need very much sugar at all in my cappuccino.

The frother on the right side of the unit works really well. It swivels, and there is an adjustable knob on top to control how much steam comes out. It also dispenses hot water.

The water reservoir lifts out of the unit for filling and cleaning purposes. It holds quite a bit of water, enough for 2-3 large cappuccinos. (I tend to make very big ones myself!) I guess compared to a regular coffeemaker, it probably holds about half a pot of water.

I like the fact that the unit is compact, but if I could change anything, it would be to make it taller, or at least make the frother higher up on the unit. Even though it swivels, there's not much room under it to swirl the steaming pitcher around.

1. Makes great crema.
2. Compact and fits easily in a kitchen.

1. Frother doesn't provide much clearance underneath it.
2. Kind of loud if other people in the house are sleeping.

Overall, it's a great value for the money. I'd give it 4 stars, because I'm sure there are other more expensive models out there that can top it.

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