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DeLonghi Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

My husband and I purchased this machine as an incentive to stay home and enjoy the mornings together instead of going to Starbucks every morning. We really like it. You can load the beans in the top and they store for a week.

You don’t have to keep refilling the water container as it is large. There is also a separate side for decaf beans, so you can pull halfcaf shots if you desire. The upkeep is very easy. All you have to do every 6 months is descale it (there is also a light that lets you know when it needs cleaning).

Also, we refill it with water 1-2 times a week with water and beans. The espresso quality is excellent . The crema and body of the shot is perfect. The grinder is integrated so you don’t have to worry about grinding.

You have the option of pulling long shots, which have a bolder more aggressive taste, or a ristretto shot, which may taste sweet to some. The milk is always steamed and frothed perfectly with available temperature adjustment features. We love the fact that on the top there is a cup warmer so it doesn’t make you r coffee cold when poured into our cups.

We always use the timer. It is set 20minutes after our alarm is so we can enjoy coffee as soon as we head upstairs. It is an easy machine to use. The display is clear, the buttons are obviously labeled. Overall this coffee maker rocks and it was a great investment. So far we have saved hundreds of dollars for not drinking coffee out.

- Completely digital easy to use due to that fact
- Quick, easy way to make espresso

- Pricey! 3000+!
- Large, bulky

5 out of 5

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