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Delonghi DCM900 10 Cup Coffee Maker

When you shop for a coffee maker, functionality comes first. However, with today's shopping trends, functionality is not the only factor you should take into account as a wise consumer. You also have to consider the style and the design. What could be more pleasing than to wake up each morning with a hot aromatic coffee and a coffee maker which is pleasing to the eye to greet you?

Delonghi, a coffee maker manufacturer, boasts its 10-cup DCM900's functionality and appearance. Read to know more about this coffee maker model.

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Key features

Dual Heating System - The system includes separate heating elements and tanks. One element is for the brewing of coffee, and the other is for the warming of the plate's temperature.

10-Cup Capacity - The coffee maker can produce up to ten cups of coffee, making this one ideal for a big household.

Pause and Serve Feature - This feature allows you to disrupt the brewing cycle and grab a cup. When the carafe leaves the warming plate, the brewing stops and then resumes once it is placed back.

2-Hour Shut-off - This feature is helpful when you forget to shut off the machine. The unit will actually shut off automatically after two hours.

Permanent Gold-tone Filter Basket - The filter basket of this unit is easy to remove and clean so you can have a fresh and good-tasting blend every time you use this appliance.

Water-Level Indicator - The water level indicator of the machine allows you to determine how much water is in the tank.


The machine has various excellent features that many consumers love. One of these is its easy-to-clean feature. With its removable filtering basket, cleaning up is hassle-free. With this unit, you can grab a cup before the brewing process is finished.

The coffee also tastes good in this unit because of its excellent heating system. Aside from these, the machine is known for its ergonomic design; the handle is comfortable to use for instance. The unit also ensures a great tasting coffee.

With its removable filter basket, you can easily clean it to remove the taste from your previous brewing. The capacity of the unit is also excellent. With it's 10-cup capacity, you can use it when you have a big houshold or you can also use it in the office.

The unit is also safe to use because it shuts off automatically after two hours. So even if you forgot to turn it off, you don't have to worry about overheating or causing fire. For many buyers, the best thing about this model is its design.

The machine really looks stylish and elegant. The color combination is great as well. Many consumers really love to show off this unit because of its design alone.


Although this unit has many interesting features and good points, the bad ones are undeniable. One of the biggest drawbacks when shopping for this item is the price. The machine is a bit more expensive than other models.

Another thing is that if you shop online, there are certain stores that restrict shipments to other US territories.

- has dual heating system
- has a very sophisticated design
- allows you to have your first cup even before the brewing process is complete
- has a water-level indicator

- pricey compared to other models
- is not widely available

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Comments for Delonghi DCM900 10 Cup Coffee Maker

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Oct 01, 2011
Stopped heating
by: Mike

For a "high end, Italian design" product...this is not worth more than a 16.99$ coffee machine (and I am Italian!). Even then I am being nice...since the 16.99$ will out last this machine. Mine died 1 year and 4 months...good timing.

I opened it up to see if I could fix it...found some parts with evidence of burning. The front loading idea is great but water can easily get to the electronics below when pouring down.

My mistake not reading the reviews prior. Unfortunately, it is a woman magnet and I had no chance to get her out of the store without it! Damn you De'Longhi with your Italian charm and good looks you got me (her) this time. But not the next...

Feb 05, 2011
about time a front loading maker was invented
by: Anonymous

We had an under counter Black & Decker and it leaked, we had to keep a towel under the appliance at all times plus being attached under the counter it took up lots of room and you could not store anything under it. The purpose of the under counter and front loading was defeated.
So we were thrilled to find a compact coffee maker that was front loading! We have so much more counter space and no leaks. We haven't had any of the problems that others have stated. With all of the complaints, maybe they have fixed the problems.
Some people may not like the fact that some grounds do settle to the bottom of the pot but I love the fact that I do not need to buy filters. Like a good wine we do not finish the last drop.
This is one of the best buys we have made.

Jan 14, 2011
Best Coffee Maker
by: Anonymous

Best coffee maker ever owned. Does not drip when pouring coffee and is so easy to fill. Love it!

Oct 11, 2010
Leaks all over counter
by: Anonymous

The aroma feature does not work!! It actually causes coffee to spill all over the counter. When we contacted delonghi they told us to cut the cord and send the cord to them with a cheque for $15.00, so they could send us a new one. I'm sorry but this is your product. I paid for the original, which broke within 3 months of purchase. You send me a new one, I'm not paying another cent. Poor customer service.

Jul 01, 2010
Slow brewing
by: Max

Initially this coffee maker was fantastic although the brewing process was rather slow. As time went on, it grew worse and would take 30 minutes to brew 6 cups of coffee. Also, it is not easily repaired so we had to junk it after 5 months.

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