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Delonghi DCM485 Thermal Programmable 10 cup Coffee Maker

Delonghi, one of the leading coffee maker brands, takes pride in its Thermal Drip Coffee DCM485. This one is a 10-cup coffee maker that boasts a lot of features.

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Key features

24-Hour Digital Timer - The digital timer allows you to pre-program the unit a night before. The digital timer of this unit is easy to set so you won't really encounter major problems even though it's your first time to use such a device.

Double-wall Thermal Carafe - The double-wall thermal carafe keeps your brewed coffee hot for a long time. The double-wall thermal carafe prevents the heat from escaping.

Auto-shut off - This feature prevents accidents and excessive energy consumption by automatically turning the unit off after a certain period of time.

Brew-Pause Function - This feature allows you to grab a cup even if the brewing process is not yet finished.

Water-Level Indicator - The water-level indicator allows you to determine easily if the water in the tank is proportional to the amount of coffee bean grounds.

Accuflavor Selector Dial - This feature allows you to choose the strength of the coffee.


This unit has features that ensure that the brewed coffee won't cool down easily. Its carafe prevents the heat from escaping the brew. Aside from this, this unit also has a cup warmer which prevents the coffee from cooling down.

With this unit, you can also have the option when it comes to the strength of your coffee. You can now have a control over the flavor of your blend.

Delonghi DCM485 also allows you to set the coffee maker a night before so you can wake up to the aroma of your favorite blend. This is also beneficial if you are going somewhere very early in the morning. All you have to do is to set the timer a night before and then you don't have to make the preparation the following day. You can just grab a cup immediately.

Another good thing about this coffee maker is that it is made of genuine brushed stainless, which ensures its durability. If you have a modern kitchen, the sleek design of this unit would be perfect for your kitchen. Compared to other models, this one is a lot cheaper.


The unit has many advantages. However, it also has a lot of drawbacks. One of the unsatisfying things about this item is that it drips and overflows. The model does not have a secure pouring feature. Many consumers complain about this issue.

The modern design is also a drawback for some. If you have a kitchen that is traditionally themed, you won't find Delonghi DCM485 suitable for your non-modern kitchen, aesthetically speaking.

But the biggest drawback of this equipment is that it is only available within the United states if you go shopping from certain online stores.

- has features that keep the coffee hot for a long time
- shuts off automatically
- has a water-level indicator
- has a feature that allows you to choose the coffee's strength
- not very expensive compared to other models

- has a design that complements only modern kitchens
- not widely available

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Comments for Delonghi DCM485 Thermal Programmable 10 cup Coffee Maker

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Jan 28, 2013
Great coffee maker, poor customer service
by: Anonymous

We have the thermal carafe unit and it makes great coffee. A couple glitches, the clock only works in 24 hour mode not a big deal though. The blue led display screen recently started flashing "clean" Now in the directions there is no specific instructions to clean, there is for descaling but not for cleaning and not specifically in the event the "clean" starts flashing. I put water in pushed the clean button on the machine but nothing seemed to happen. So I sent an email off to Delonghi support and they sent me back a page from their instruction manual which I already have. I sent another email detailing my experience with this procedure. I tried the clean button again and after at least 5 minutes a little water came though and then it stopped. So I sent another email and I guess I offended them because they didn't respond at all to it. If this procedure to clean takes 1/2 an hour or longer then it should be stated in the manual and if the intermittent water through the system is normal is also should be stated. I don't know if this is harming my machine or not and I won't have it on heating the element at 5 minute intervals only to have water splashed on them again and again. The instructions state to wait 10 minutes between one pot to run water though for another. Make sense? I don't think so. So, awesome coffee and we always like the thermal carafe but the customer service/support was a little better than useless.

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