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Delonghi DCF210TTC 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Delonghi offers various kitchen appliances. One of the kitchen equipment the company takes pride in is its 10-CUP Drip Coffee Maker DCF210TTC.

This coffee maker has various excellent features. However, it is not a perfect coffee maker. There are also some cons in using this. Read on to know how consumers view this unit.

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Key features

Aroma Button - The aroma button improves the flavor and the aroma of your coffee. This feature does this by releasing water within certain intervals to saturate coffee grounds. The time-release feature of the aroma button makes it possible to extract the grounds' best flavor and aroma.

Water-level Indicator - The water-level indicator is a feature that allows you to determine how much water is in the tank. With this, it is easier to determine if the coffee maker needs more water or not.

2-Hour Auto-Shut Off - The shut-off feature ensures that the unit will turn off on its own after two hours. This is to ensure the safety of the household even if you forgot to turn the unit off. This feature is also helpful to control electricity consumption.

Pause-and-Serve Function - This feature allows you to sample a cup even before the brewing process is done.

24-Hour Programmable Timer - This feature allows you to pre-program the unit a night before.


There are many good things you can get from owning this unit. One of these is that you can prepare your coffee a night before. You just simply set the timer and then you can wake up with the aroma of your coffee wafting throughout the kitchen the next day.

The unit also maximizes the grounds' flavor and aroma with its aroma feature, making your coffee taste and smell really good. Aside from these advantages, the carafe of the unit is designed to ensure that the coffee in it will remain hot long after the brewing process is done. The special carafe prevents the heat from escaping. The passive cup warmer that sits on top also helps to keep the coffee hot.

The unit is also easy to clean. Its non-stick warming plate is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The special patented front drawer of this machine will allow you to easily access the water channel and coffee basket.

Another advantage in using the unit is that you can grab your first cup even if the coffee is still brewing. One of the best things about this coffee maker is its very low price. This model is available for less than $100, which is cheaper compared to other units.


The model also has a lot of bad points. One of the disadvantages of using the unit is that the water-tank is not removable. This could mean the water tank is not easy to clean.

The design is also limited. This unit is actually available only in black color. This unit is not widely available; currently, the item can only be shipped within the US if you are going to shop from certain online shops. For many consumers living abroad, this one is really a major drawback.

- has features that improve the coffee's aroma and flavor
- allows you to grab your first cup while still brewing
- automatically shuts-off
- can be pre-programmed
- not very expensive compared to other models

- has a limited design and color
- is not available worldwide

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Comments for Delonghi DCF210TTC 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Mar 07, 2014
So disappointed NEW
by: Teri

I thought that DeLonghi was a great brand of coffee maker and was very excited to get mine. However....the lid from the thermal carafe falls off when trying to pour coffee, it advertised a "cup warmer/storage" however - that seems to be just a metal plate at the top that does nothing except make the cup fall off when opening the unit. The clock and timer setting is absolutely ridiculous! One minute at a time...come on DeLoghi - even the cheap brands of coffee makers have the technology to change the timer and clock easier!

I have concerns into DeLonghi right now - let's see how well they address them. That will be the determining factor as to whether this unit gets shipped back to them with no chance of another purchase from me.

Dec 31, 2012
hole in tube
by: Anonymous

after 3 years of use it no longer works. The internal plastic tube formed a hole. This is the tube that draws the water from the tank. I am also told (From Delonghi) that this part is not even available....another broken appliance to deal with disposing...not impressed.

Apr 23, 2012
not happy
by: Jeffy

we are finding this unit REALLY slow at brewing coffee and noisy as heck, plus a lot of water goes "missing". i know that is not possible by physics, so it must be evaporating. there is a lot of steam vapour that comes from this unit, which kind of links to it being so slow. i have added 10 cups of water only to find 7.5 in the pot after brewing. i plan to replace it after just a few months

Jan 30, 2012
Worst Coffee Maker
by: Anonymous

Very unhappy with this coffee maker. I've had it less than 1 month and already not brewing properly. Have to take it back to the store and will buy and different brand. I've bought Mr. Coffee machines for much less and never been a problem. Last Delonghi I will ever buy.

Jul 29, 2011
like molasses
by: Anonymous

Extremely slow brewing. Replaced it in a year because of how slow it brewed, took over half an hour[not on aromatic mode].

Jan 30, 2011
no issues
by: kurt

makes coffee just fine...no leaks
is a basket design and has a slow brew feature which is kinda annoying..
Mine gets used 7 days a week and has not failed yet, plate warmer isn't hot enough..Not worth $7o....glad I got mine @ Goodwill for $20

Oct 13, 2010
Really bad coffeemaker
by: Anonymous

This is the worse coffeemaker i've ever owned.
Even the Stainless Steel pot cracked. I've owned it less than 1 1/2 years. The top pushed up, so the basket falls out. This problem started 6 months after i bought it. Service is terrible. i returned the unit and did not receive a new one for almost 3 months. And i'm not 100% sure if it was a new one or someone else's pot with problems. Do yourself a favor and don't pick a delonghi coffeemaker.

Jul 13, 2010
not even a month...
by: B.C.

Worked great for three weeks and a day then no coffee for me. Clock still works but all of that useless upper portion with water and coffee grounds in it gets in the way....

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