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Delonghi DC50B 4-Cup Coffee Maker

For a small household, a small coffee maker is an excellent kitchen equipment. Delonghi knows this and that's why and it came up with a 4-cup coffee maker, DC50B. This small coffee maker has many good points. However, it also has a lot of areas for improvement.

Read the article to know the best features of this unit. This article also highlights the advantages and the disadvantages of using this unit from the consumers' point of view.

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Key features

4-Cup (20 ounce) Capacity - For a household with few members, this coffee maker is an ideal choice. This would ensure that no coffee grounds and brew would be wasted.

Push Button Control - With the unit's push button control, preparing coffee is made easy.

Cord storage - The cord storage feature provides a place where you can store the cord after using to prevent accidents.

Pause and Serve Function - The pause and serve feature allows you to sample a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing.

Easy-Access Filter Basket - The filter basket of this unit is easy to remove, thereby making it easier for you to clean and wash it.

Shower-head design - This feature contributes in enhancing the flavor and the aroma of your blend.


Delonghi DC50B has many good points. For one, it is very affordable. With prices below $50, you can purchase this coffee maker from Delonghi. Another good thing about this kitchen equipment is it provides you with a filter basket that is easy to remove. All you have to do is to open the flip-top lid and then remove the filter basket for cleaning -- very simple, indeed.

If you can't wait to drink your cup of coffee, you can interrupt the brewing cycle and grab a cup with this unit. Using this machine will also minimize mess, as it has a non-stick warming plate that facilitates the easy clean-up.

Aside from these, the control button of this machine is easy to use. You don't have to be an expert to know how to use this unit. The coffee brewed from this coffee maker also tastes and smells great because the grounds are extracted thoroughly in this model.


This coffee maker is not all advantages. It also has a lot of drawbacks. One of these is that its capacity is very limited. It can't be used in a big household or in an office with several employees. The design is also very limited. The unit is only available in black color. The design won't really complement many types of kitchen.

Contrary to the mess-free features of this coffee maker, there are many consumers who complain that the coffee drips when you pour it into the cup. Another major drawback of this unit is that it is available only in the US if you buy it from certain online stores. It can't be shipped anywhere else.

This unit also has limited features. There's no programmable timer that could make your coffee-making more efficient.

- not very expensive
- easy to clean with its easy-access filter basket and non-stick warming plate
- allows you to grab a cup in the middle of the brewing process
- has an easy-to-navigate control buttons


- limited design and color
- drips when you pour coffee into the cup
- not widely available
- has limited features

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