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Delonghi DC414T 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

For coffee-lovers, there's no better way to wake up each morning than having the aroma of their favorite coffee greet them. Delonghi, one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers, aims to provide you and all coffee lovers an efficient device for brewing coffee -- Delonghi introduces its DC414T Drop Coffee Maker.

However, this equipment is far from perfect. Although there are many people who simply love this coffee maker, there are also a lot of consumers who aren't impressed. This coffee maker received mixed reviews.

Key features

24-Hour Programmable Timer - The 24-hour programmable timer allows you to set the coffee timer a night before so you can wake up to the aroma of your favorite blend.

Freshness Indicator LED - This one allows you to know how long the coffee has been brewing. This includes a lighting system that illuminates every five minutes within the first hour. When the first hour is through, the unit remains on for another hour.

Internal Water Level Indicator - The purpose of this feature is to let you know how much water is inside the tank.

Aroma Button - The aroma button is meant to improve the flavor and the aroma of the coffee. This is made possible by a series of cycles. During each cycle, the water is released into the filter basket in a 30-second interval. This process saturates grounds and fully extracts its flavor and aroma.

Shower Head Design - The shower head design aids the aroma button feature in extracting the flavor and aroma from the grounds.


One of the things many consumers like about the unit is the non-stick plate. With this, you can easily clean and keep the coffee maker free from spills after using. This would also keep the unit free from stubborn stains.

Aside from this, the unit has a washable nylon filter that can make the cleaning process efficient and fast. If you want to drink your first cup even though the brewing process is not yet done, you can with the unit's Pause 'N Serve function.

On top of all these, the unit has a 14-cup capacity, making it ideal for a big household. Another good thing about this unit is that it has an auto-shut off control feature, which could really ensure the safety and security of your home even though you forgot to turn the unit off.


The Delonghi DC414T coffee maker is not all advantages. There are also negative feedbacks about this product. One of the most common negative feedbacks about this unit is that it is really expensive. The price is above $100.00. There are actually a lot of other models that have the similar features found in this one, but with a lower price.

Your options for the design is also limited. Although the unit has an elegant stainless steel appearance, it cannot complement non-modern kitchen designs. If your home is tradionally made of wood, the design of this coffee maker would make it out of place.

- a programmable timer that allows you to pre-program the device
- features that improve the aroma and flavor of the coffee
- design that allows easy and efficient cleaning of the unit
- 14-cup capacity that is ideal for a big family

- more expensive compared to other models with similar features
- the design is limited

Comments for Delonghi DC414T 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Aug 17, 2011
DeLonghi Needs Help
by: Anonymous

This DC414T was a replacement for my DC312T that died after a 2 years of great service. While the DC414T makes a good cup of coffee the carafe leaks big time - looks like bad seal between glass and plastic top. Called DeLonghi and they will send me a new carafe in 4 to 6 weeks as they are backordered! Unacceptable! They also told me I could take the coffee maker back where I bought it and get a new one. I ended up buying a new DC414T and low and behold this carafe leaks just as bad as the first one - but this one I took back and got a refund. This is the last DeLonghi product I buy.

Aug 02, 2011
now it's going back
by: Annie

My "new" DeLonghi 14 cup boat anchor is going back to London Drugs today. At least they honor the warrenty. I've had it for 1 week, it never worked right and today refused to work at all.

I will never buy one of these again.

Jul 01, 2011
What a Crock!
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker came without any paperwork, not even instructions. I thought I couldn't get it to work right because I was doing it wrong. It took 1 hour to finally find a manual on-line. I am doing it right but!!!
1) it turns itself off, often without finishing brewing
2) if it does brew, it does not stay on to keep it warm
3)it makes "audible sounds" but for no appartent reason.

I am ready to take it back.

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