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Delonghi DC312T Drip Coffee Maker 14 Cup

Delonghi is considered by many as one of the trusted brands when it comes to coffee makers. One of the products Delonghi boasts is DC312T, a 14-cup coffee maker. This coffee maker has various features that could make coffee making a very easy task.

With the 14-cup capacity, brewing coffee is becoming more efficient. The product's price is definitely budget-friendly. Although Delonghi DC312T has a lot of excellent features, it also has drawbacks. Read on to know what are the pros and cons of using this coffee maker model.


There are many features that consumers like about the DC312T coffee maker model. For many consumers, one of the best features is the 24-hour programmable timer. With this feature, the consumer just needs to set the timer a night before. With the use of the timer, one can wake each morning to the aroma of one's favorite brewed coffee. Consumers also cite the shower head design as one of the best features.

The special shower head uses the unique drip process that saturates all the coffee grounds, giving one that extra rich coffee flavor. There is also the aroma button which activates brew cycles continuously, resulting to a fuller and more distinct flavor. This goes without saying that brewed coffee tastes far better if one uses Delonghi DC312T. Many consumers commend the washable nylon filter of the coffee maker. The nylon filter is designed for easy cleaning.

With this filter, cleaning up after brewing is not a big task anymore. Aside from this, the filter is also especially created to keep the finest coffee grounds from falling into the pot. Another advantage of using this coffee maker model is that it reduces the consumers' preparation tasks through its internal water level indicator, brew pause, and serve function.


Delonghi DC312T is not all advantages. It also has a lot of drawbacks for many consumers. One of the things that consumers don't like about this coffee maker is its packaging. There are cases when the instructions are not included in the package. Although some may think that this one is a minor problem, it actually isn't. The first thing that consumers do after they receive the package is to open it and read the instructions on using the model.

Some consumers are irked by the failure of the coffee maker to function after everything is set properly. Some consumers reported that the coffee-maker won't heat or brew. Although these cases do not happen very often, it is still important that the company ensures that all the delivered products at the consumers' doorsteps are in excellent condition.

Other consumers are not really pleased by the website and customer support of the company. There's one consumer who says that he got problems with a certain coffee maker but when he looked for the replacement part online, he can't find one. Someone also claims that his DC312T coffee maker leaks hot water.


- 24-hour programmable timer
- internal water level indicator and brew pause and serve function
- washable nylon filter
- shower head design
- aroma button


- not so excellent packaging
- some models exhibit problems during the initial use
- not-so excellent online support

Comments for Delonghi DC312T Drip Coffee Maker 14 Cup

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Feb 07, 2012
leaky carfe lid
by: Anonymous

lid leaks on my DC312T 14 cup drip coffee maker .from the start called customer service. said they would send a new one within 6 weeks 2months later no carfe called again said that there wasn't any information that i ever called

Feb 07, 2012
Not brewing
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have this coffee maker and it suddenly stopped working. It appears that now the spring part of the cone isn't being pushed up by the pot so the water can't drip through. Also when I press the on/off button the word "brew" no longer appears on the screen.

Please help!

Nov 25, 2011
DC312T Ain't worth it
by: B Jones

This started out as a great coffee maker. got it on sale at Fry's Electronics. Paid much less than the $44.00 they ask here and it AIN"T worth the $70.00 retail. It has a problem with heating coil/percilator board. Worked fine for over a year then for no reason one day, it lights up just like its going to run but nothing. no heat on pad no perking. after browsing web find out parts are extinct, cost more than original price if you find them(carafe for example), and repairmen say might as well buy new one if heater pad goes. So dream on if you want this 312 to last years like your mom and dads did. probably made in the C.... place. throw your money somewhere else.

May 15, 2011
Worst ever
by: Anonymous

This unsightly, unnecessarily bulky thing takes up way too much counter space, and is too tall to fit under the fluorescent lights below my cupboards. Filling it is a pain because it is pitch black in there so hard to see how much water you've poured in, but at least the cup level marker is in white.

It does make good coffee.

The pot does a poor job of keeping your coffee warm. The burner turns itself off automatically, thinking it knows better than you when you want it off. When opening it to take out the grounds, water spills all over the counter from the lifted lid, which you then have to clean up.

Furthermore, it turns itself on and off at random. Even unplugging it and plugging it back in doesn't seem to change this, so sometimes when I want to make a pot, the empty pot itself is scalding because it has turned itself on.

This morning I did the most satisfying thing I have ever done with this thing -- tossed it into the dumpster. Trust me, you will want to do the same.

Jan 23, 2011
Good while it lasted
by: Anonymous

Worked great for a year. Now a lot of water leaks from the bottom. No longer useful.

Oct 03, 2010
Leaking Water
by: Ken in Ottawa

After about a month of uses, this coffee maker leaks about one - two cups of water during a brewing cycle. The machine is terribly slow as well. One point, the machine we have is actually a warranty replacement!

Aug 22, 2010
Shock danger
by: RReid

We will never buy another coffee maker from this company again. When we open the lid to fill unit with water the excess water collected on the under side of the lid that has to be opened to replenish the coffee maker leaks down the exterior back of the unit onto the electrical cord and over the counter, quite a dangerous situation . A basic cleanup at every brew.

Jun 10, 2010
died sudddenly
by: Kevin

Made a good pot of coffee, then suddenly won't heat or brew anymore. Sounds like a common problem.

Apr 08, 2010
Leaking water
by: Anonymous

I loved this coffee maker - it makes good coffee - but recently it has been leaking water. I get a pool of water underneath the base every time I make coffee! That is not safe. I can find no apparent place that it is leaking from. It is clear water so appears to be coming from the reservoir.

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