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Delonghi coffee makers not only have the coffee connoisseur in mind but also the connoisseur of tea, espresso and other hot drinks. They make many coffee makers designed for those who only need a single cup as well as for those who need to make 14 cups for parties or other group gatherings. The espresso machines and electric kettles take you beyond coffee to give you the perfect cup of whatever you prefer in your warm drink.

Although Delonghi offers great designs on its products, this company has based its design in simplicity. Delonghi machines are made to be simple to use as well as pleasing to the eye. Making the perfect cup of cappuccino should not be complicated. Delonghi coffee makers allow you to enjoy the experience of savoring your coffee rather than spending too much time preparing it.

In fact, Delonghi has an array of automatic machines for coffee and espresso. There are also many coffee grinders if preparing your beans just the way you want is absolutely crucial to the coffee experience. There are many options in these coffee makers to assure you have the perfect cup of coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino or other drink with no complications.

4 cup

”12-cup 12-cup DC50B star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, coffeemaker
• Style: black, plastic
• Functions: push button control, cord storage, pause-and-serve
• Features: easy access filter basket, permanent washable filter, non-stick plate, shower-head design

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10 cup

10-cup drip dcf210ttc 10-cup drip DCF210TTC star ratings
• Type: 10 cup, drip coffeemaker
• Style: black, plastic and stainless steel
• Function: digital controls, aroma button, cup storage tray, pause-and-serve, cord storage
• Features: insulated stainless steel carafe, easy to clean, patented from drawer

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10-cup  dcm900 10-cup DCM900 star ratings
• Type: 10 cup, coffeemaker
• Style: gray, brushed aluminum
• Function: pause-and-serve, removable filter basket
• Features: dual heating system, water level indicator, ergonomic handle, auto shut-off

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12 cup

”12-cup 12-cup DCF212T star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, drip coffeemaker
• Style: black, plastic with stainless steel
• Functions: pause-and-serve, cord storage, programmable timer, auto shut-off, water level indicator
• Features: patented front drawer, aroma button

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14 cup

14 cup dc312t 14 cup DC312T star ratings
• Type: 14 cup, drip coffeemaker
• Style: black, plastic with silver accents
• Function: push button controls, pause-and-serve, cord storage, digital display, programmable timer, auto shut-off
• Features: glass carafe, non-stick plate

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 14-cup  dc414t 14-cup DC414T star ratings
• Type: 14 cup, drip coffeemaker
• Style: gray, plastic and stainless steel
• Function: pause-and-serve, cord storage, washable nylon filter, auto shut-off, digital display, non-stick plate, auto shut-off
• Features: water level window, atoma button

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 14-cup  dc514t 14-cup DC514T star ratings
• Type: 14 cup, drip coffeemaker
• Style: gray, plastic and stainless steel
• Function: cord storage, push-button controls, aroma button, auto shut-off
• Features: glass carafe, non-stick plate, blue backlit display

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10 cup thermal drip   dcm485 10 cup thermal drip DCM485 star ratings
• Type: 10 cup, thermal drip coffeemaker
• Style: brushed stainless steel
• Function: pause-and-serve, accuflavor selector, removable water tank, auto shut-off, digital timer
• Features: stainless steel housing, advanced water filtration

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Coffee and Espresso Maker

 coffee and espresso maker bco264b coffee and espresso maker BCO264B star ratings
• Type: Coffee/Espresso Maker
• Style: black, plastic and stainless steel
• Function: pause-and-serve, removable drip tray, programmable timer, auto shut-off
• Features: simple to use control panel, non-stick plate, accuflavor selector, dual removable water tanks

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 coffee and espresso maker bco130t
coffee and espresso maker BCO130T star ratings
• Type: combination coffee/espresso machine
• Style: black, plastic and stainless steel
• Function: adjustable brew strength, pause-and-serve, removable reservoir and filter, programmable timer
• Features: stainless steel filter, swivel Jet Frother

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Delonghi Overview

There are many different types of Delonghi coffee makers. Delonghi is renowned for their expertise in kitchen appliances. Many of the different types of coffee makers you can choose from include a 4-cup, 14-cup, 12-cup, and even a 25-40 cup.

Delonghi 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The 4-cup coffee maker designed by Delonghi comes in black or white. This is an excellent solution to someone who lives alone and doesn’t drink a lot of coffee. This coffee maker has an easy access basket with a permanent filter.

The filter is washable so you never have to buy another one again. All of the coffee grounds are completely saturated by the shower head design. This means you get the full and natural flavor of your coffee with every pot.

An excellent feature of this coffee maker is the pause and serve function which means you can grab your first cup of coffee without worrying about the coffee spilling all over the counter. The coffee will stop brewing for just a moment as you fill your glass and resume when you place the pot back.

delonghi coffee maker
DeLonghi DCF210TTC 10-Cup Drip Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

The back of this appliance has cord storage so you don’t have excess cords lying around the counter space in your kitchen. This coffee maker is entirely push button which means there is nothing difficult to figure out. You can plug it in and go.

Delonghi 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Delonghi also makes a 12-cup coffee maker which is a sleek looking machine that doesn’t have to be moved to make your coffee. This appliance is patented with the ‘Complete Frontal Access’ system, which allows the water and coffee grounds to be filled in the appliance without moving.

All you have to do is open the door on the front, pour the water in and add the coffee grounds. This means you have total convenience and you don’t have to worry about spilling water everywhere.

The 12-cup Delonghi coffee maker also includes an aroma button which provides activation of a time release process which means you get the ideal flavors and aroma for your coffee. Many additional features include a 24-hour programmable timer that is digital, an indicator for the water level, a permanent gold tone filter, pause and serve capabilities, and an indicator to tell you if you need to refill the water. This is a black coffee maker that is sleek and looks very nice.

Delonghi 14 Cup Coffee Maker

If you drink just a little bit more coffee than the regular person and find you have to make another pot just for a cup or two then the 14-cup coffee maker by Delonghi is right for you. This pot is sleek looking with a platinum finish. It includes a screen on the front of the coffee maker which makes programming easy. The programming can be done 24 hours in advance.

This appliance has a 2-hour automatic shut off. It can sense if you are drinking the coffee by when you remove the pitcher. If two hours go by without use then it will shut off on its own. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to shut it off and have coffee burned to the bottom of the glass pitcher.

If you like to have a fresh pot of coffee you also might love the freshness indicator on this appliance also. This indicator will tell you how long it has been since the last pot was brewed. Now you know exactly how old the pot of coffee is when you go to pour your next cup.

The filter is permanent and there is an advanced water filtration system which will optimize the taste and minimize any taste of chlorine in your water. You can also take advantage of the aroma button on the 14-cup coffee maker as well. This time released process is an amazing functionality which will extract the ideal flavor and aroma from your coffee.

Delonghi 20-50 Cup Urn

If you are often serving many people coffee in the mornings, have a small business, or hold functions where you need to serve a lot of hot coffee you might consider the Delonghi 20-50-cup urn.

This is an amazing solution to replacing the traditional coffee maker because you won’t be spending all of your time making additional pots of coffee. Now you can make a super size pot and there will be enough coffee for everyone.

The urn is stainless steel and looks fantastic. It holds up to 50 cups of coffee and it has a coffee level indicator so you can tell if the level of coffee is running low. You don’t have to guess if the coffee maker is almost out of coffee.

You will appreciate the double function spout and there is a drip tray so you don’t have to worry about the counter being saturated with coffee dripping all over the place. There is also a freshness indicator which will tell you how old the pot is and if you need to make another fresh pot or not.

The stainless steel urn is durable and an excellent construction. It has a very classy look too. There are on and ready lights on the front of the urn so you know when the coffee is ready to drink.

The handles are designed so you can move the coffeemaker without getting burned also. They are made with cool touch features so the heat is not transferred to the handles. This coffee maker is perfect for commercial use or a large household of coffee drinkers.

Delonghi has plenty of variety

Delonghi makes a variety of coffee makers for every style of coffee drinker. If you only drink a little bit of coffee each day and you don’t share the pot with anyone then you should consider the 4-cup solution. There are many features which make these coffeemakers the desired solution to a needed perk in the morning.

If you have a lot of people in your home who drink coffee throughout the morning you might even consider the coffee urn which will give you the opportunity to make one large pot so you are not making many pots throughout the day.

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