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DeLonghi Caffe Treviso Pumped Espresso Maker

I was given this espresso maker by my brother on my birthday and I had it for about a 1 ½ years now. It has made me great espressos and cappuccinos over this time. I really liked it since it is small and fits easily in the kitchen.

In terms of looks, it has a fairly modern design and doesn’t look cheap for its price. The black and silver colors chosen for this machine makes it easy to blend in the kitchen. You will probably get about 10 espressos from its water compartment, since once its hot water can evaporate quickly.

This doesn’t represent any problem at all as it is easy to re fill, even whilst it is on. It comes with 2 coffee trays, small and bug sizes. One of them can always be kept inside its compartment in the machine. The pump is strong enough and I haven’t had any problems to get liquid out of it (even when I tried with the thickest of coffee brands).

The froth is easy to make although the frothier can drip a little bit at times so make sure you don’t froth your milk too long as it can become watery. More importantly, I had a problem with this machine. As time went by, the frothier got stiff (as the milk dries if you leave it). I always cleaned it but even then I couldn’t avoid the metal getting stiff.

Last week I tried to turn it towards the cup and ended up with the piece of metal in my hand, as it broke when trying to bend it. It gave me the impression that it is made with some kind of cheap aluminum. I can’t froth milk any longer but can still make espressos. I will see whether is easy to find and fit the broken part. Good value for money if you are careful on use.

- Its small size makes it easy to fit in the kitchen.
- Heats up quickly (2-3 minutes).

- As time went by, the frothier got stiff

3 out of 5

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Sep 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have had my Caffe Treviso almost 15 years now, and have no issues (not even with the steam wand as a previous poster had). I use it every day. I have had to replace the large portafilter basket once, because I lost it in a move, and DeLonghi sent the part within a couple of days! I was a barista my freshman year of college, and this little machine has given me perfect shots every time - easily on par with anything I could have pulled from a commercial machine. I'd recommend it to anyone!

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