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Delonghi BCO264B Coffee and Espresso Maker

The BCO264B from Delonghi is a coffee and espresso maker in one. If you love hot brewed coffee and also craves for frothy cappuccino and latte, then this makes a practical choice.

You can have your daily serving of coffee and espresso any time you want, and even make 5 to 10 cups to share. Let's take a good look at the key features of the BCO264B and its user reviews.

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Key features

* Separate controls and tanks for coffee- and espresso-making - With the separate controls and tanks for coffee and espresso, you can prepare these drinks simultaneously.

* 24-hour digital programmable timer - The 24-hour programmable timer allows you to set or pre-program the coffee maker so it will automatically turn on and brew the next day.

* Stainless steel espresso boiler - With this type of boiler, heating up coffee would be fast and easy. The stainless steel also ensures the durability of the machine.

* Strength selector dial - The strength selector dial is a feature that allows you to control the strength of the coffee.

* 5- to 10-cup option - You can choose between 5 and 10 cups in one brewing, making sure that you won't waste cups of coffee or espresso and make just enough.


One of the advantages of using the BCO264B is that you can simultaneously brew coffee and espresso. Because of the separate tanks and controls, you don't have to wait for your coffee to finish brewing before you start preparing the espresso.

With this coffee and espresso maker, you can also brew coffee depending on the strength that you desire. If you want a strong blend, you just have to use the strength selector dial, and voila!, you can have the coffee that you want in a jiffy. You also have the option whether to make 5 or 10 cups of coffee.

This coffee and espresso maker allows you to make the preparation the night before. You can actually set the brewing program in the evening and wake up to the aroma of your favorite blend the next morning.

This unit has a patented cappuccino system, which is ideal for great-tasting cappuccino, latte, and froth milk. For espresso-making, this machine makes it easier to prepare your favorite drink through its patented filter holders for pods and grounds.

Consumers also love the fact that it is easy to clean because it has a removable drip tray for the espresso maker and the non-stick warm plate for the coffee maker. The two tanks are also removable, making clean-ups a lot easier. Many attest to the claim that coffee made through this model tastes so good.


Despite the numerous advantages, there are still a lot of consumers who are not totally impressed with the design and performance of this coffee and espresso maker.

The price of the unit, for instance, is quite expensive at $199.95. There are other models with similar features but cost less compared to this unit.

Another drawback is that the espresso maker does not work as well as the coffee maker. In some instances, the pump does not generate enough pressure, resulting in a not-so full-bodied espresso.

- coffee maker and espresso maker in one
- has a programmable brewing control
- has easy-to-clean components
- has a stainless boiler for the espresso
- makes great-tasting coffee

- a little pricey compared to other models
- the espresso maker is not as good as the coffee maker

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Comments for Delonghi BCO264B Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Oct 11, 2015
Bad carafe design NEW
by: Anonymous

Hate pouring coffee and having it run down the side and all over the counter and floor. CS tells me you have to tip the cup your pouring into. What bs. Do I have to tip the machine when filling with water too? Bad customer service and very poor carafe design.Can you imagine the wait staff using one of these at your favorite restaurant??

Feb 25, 2013
nice combo machine that doesn't last long
by: robin

In last 3 years I have bought 2 De Longhi combo machines. I really like them and they did drip coffee and lattes pretty good for my family. Unfortunately, in both machines the heaters died after about 15 months. Going to the specialty store and try to repair it is not a very economical option as it can cost as much as buying a new machine.

Dec 06, 2012
Don't buy it
by: Anonymous

Bad design, the spout on the pot is a square design when you poor the coffee from the pot it dribbles down the side. If it wasn't for the pot the coffee maker would be fine.

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