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DeLonghi BCO130T Steam Espresso and Filter Coffee Maker Combination

 Black 10-cup Filter/4-cup Espresso Carafe with IFD System Flavor Selector

Black 10-cup Filter/4-cup Espresso Carafe with IFD System Flavor Selector

Enjoy both coffee and espresso with the BCO130T Combination Coffeemaker from DeLonghi. This machine can give you up to 4 cups of steaming hot espresso and 10 cups of filtered coffee to share with office mates or to serve to guests. With a flavor selector, you can be sure that your brew will match your preferred taste.

Interior Features
  • This machine employs the Vario System, which lets the user choose the intensity of the coffee. Whether you like your espresso light or strong, this machine can adapt to your taste. It also has the flavor selector that lets you choose the level of coffee strength for filtered coffee.
  • Keep both your espresso and filtered coffee hot and tasty with the jug warmer feature of the machine. You can simply leave the jug on the machine while you are enjoying your first cup and come back for a second equally hot cup after you are done.
  • It is designed with the Vario System to get that much desired coffee aroma and the IFD SYSTEM to ensure instant froth for a rich and creamy blend.

    Exterior Features

  • The jug is heat-resistant, which lessens the odds of it cracking or breaking due to the constant changes in temperature. It also has water level markings to allow you to monitor and check the amount of water placed into the machine for brewing.
  • The froth dispenser lets the user pour the foamy milk onto the cup for the cappuccino or espresso without the need for an adaptor. This means less mess when preparing your coffee.
  • The black color gives it a modern look and makes it easy to blend with other appliances.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product dimensions: 11 by 17 by 14-1/6 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 4 cups espresso/cappuccino, 10 cups coffee


    This combination machine allows you to brew coffee and espresso simultaneously. You can now serve both drinks to guests depending on their taste. The machine can also whip up a latte or hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers.

    If you are impatient and you want your coffee fix even before the brewing ends, you would not have to wait as the machine has a drip interrupt feature that allows you to pause brewing, pour yourself a cup, then put the jug back under the nozzle for the rest of the coffee to brew.The filter holder, which opens on the front, is very easy to clean. As a tamper-proof feature, it also has safety cap, to prevent accidents.


    The bulk and size of this machine makes it ideal for office spaces and not for the space limited kitchen counter at home. Even when the jug is tamper-resistant, the machine tends to leak and spill more than half of the contents of the jug on the counter. Some customers complain that the machine breaks down after less than a year of use. The intensity of the problems do not warrant the cost of the repairs as some users will opt to buy a new machine instead of having it fixed.


  • instant froth dispenser works well
  • controlled intensity for both the espresso and the coffee
  • easy to operate
  • safe to use
  • keeps espresso and coffee warm


  • coffee taste varies after long use
  • prone to leaking after prolonged use

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