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Delonghi BCO130T Coffee and Espresso Maker

A coffee maker and an espresso maker in one is a great way to save money over kitchen appliances as well as save some space. Delonghi, one of the leading coffee maker manufacturers, has coffee and espresso makers specifically designed for easy use among coffee lovers and espresso drinkers.

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Key features

* All-in-one coffee and espresso maker - This unit has controls and tanks that allow you to brew coffee and espresso simultaneously.

* 4-cup espresso carafe - The carafe for the espresso holds up to 4 cups, ideal for a small household.

* 10-cup glass coffee carafe - For the coffee, the glass carafe holds up to 10 cups, which is ideal for a bigger group of coffee drinkers.

* Swivel Jet Frother - This feature helps make great-tasting espresso, latte, and cappuccino.

* Adjustable brew strength - This feature allows you to make a perfect blend based on your desired coffee strength.

* Programmable digital timer - The timer allows you to set the coffee several hours before your designated time of brewing.

* Brew pause and serve - The brew pause and serve feature allows you to grab a cup even if the brewing is not yet done. So if you're on the go, no need to wait long.

* Automatic shut-off - The machine automatically shuts off after two hours to avoid accidents caused by overheating, prevent using up too much energy when the coffee maker is not in use, and for the peace of mind of the user.

* Warming plate - The warming plate is a feature that makes your brewed coffee hot for a long while.


The BCO130T is a good addition to your kitchen appliances. With this coffee and espresso maker, you can make cups of coffee and cups of cappuccino at the same time. The carafe for coffee brewing can hold up to 10 cups.

You also have a choice regarding the strength of your coffee blend with the adjustable brew strength. Brewing coffee is also made more convenient because you can actually make the preparation a night before and wake up to your coffee's aroma. Even if you wake up late in the morning, you can be sure to have a hot cup waiting for you once you get up from bed.

The filters are made of stainless steel, which ensures that the coffee and espresso maker can last for a long time. Many consumers also attest to the fact that the coffee and espresso made using this model taste wonderful. The BCO130T also proves easy to clean because of its removable reservoir and plastic frothing wand.


There are some downsides to using this coffee and espresso maker. Some say that the machine is not easy to use, with controls and instructions that are a bit complex.

Although there are consumers who claim that the product is of excellent quality, there are also some who have issues about its durability. Some people say that some components malfunctioned after a few years. Another drawback is that there are online shops that only allow purchases made in the US.

- capacity of coffee carafe is up to 10 cups
- shuts down automatically
- has a pre-programmable feature
- coffee maker and espresso maker in one package
- makes good-tasting coffee and espresso

- not very easy to use
- not widely available
- has durability issues regarding some components
- the carafe for espresso has low capacity

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Comments for Delonghi BCO130T Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Feb 21, 2012
by: Erica

A terrible coffee maker! I have had 2, both had the same problems! Leaks all over the counter like everyone elses', and also often doesn't wet the grinds causing nothing but yellow water to come out. The company replaced it the first time, but was very insulting and rude about it, and refused to replace it the second time! My coffee maker today wouldn't even push water through or heat up.. It is 6 months old..

Oct 29, 2011
poor experience
by: Anonymous

had one for 11 months, broke just before warranty ended. Problem is the perk sided would not function. Brought to service dealer, worked for one week, brought again to service dealer, again it broke after a few weeks, third time fixed, third time broke. Finally the company sent me a new one. After just two usages broke again. I am fed up with this model!

Sep 11, 2011
Mine leaks too!
by: Anonymous

Oh man, I so wish I would have read this before we redeemed a bunch of points for this machine! Just like everyone else, I have a leaky machine. Water leaks under the machine and all over the counter without any explanation. We've only had it a few months and when I called Delonghi, I was told the closest authorized repair center was over 45 minutes away. And, they were not sure they could fix it. Don't buy this machine!

Feb 02, 2011
Broken pump and leak
by: Anonymous

Don't buy it. Extremely disappointing. Broken pump within 1 year, then exchanged a new one. Again, broken pump within one year, then exchange a new one. Now, it has a leak problem. The water came out at the bottom without any reason. 4 cups water in but 2 cups turns out on the counter top. I cannot exchange this time because it just passed 1 year term.

Dec 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Have had this machine for less than 1 yr. It leaks water when making drip coffee. A friend of mine also has this model. It also leaks. They called the company & was told there was nothing they would do to replace it. Seems they don't want to admit to having a problem with this model.
Last time I buy a Delonghi.

Nov 14, 2010
could be so much better
by: john imlah

didn't quite work when we bought it thought for the first while it was us. then it slowly started working less and less. after looking closely at the frothing part of the machine I found a small hairline crack in the plastic.(meant it was sucking air not milk) order new one and now works great ($10 part) The coffee maker quit working also but after taking it apart i found a burnt out thermal fuse and replaced it ( 79 cents) now everything works but still leaks water all over the counter

Nov 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

So far it sat in a repair shop for four months and could not be fixed.Finally had to be exchanged. The washers go and can not be replaced. The water leaks all over the counter and the coffee pot spills when pouring. Extremely disappointing!!

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