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DeLonghi BCO120T Steam Espresso and Filter Coffee Maker Combination

Black 10-cup Filter/4-cup Espresso Carafe with Self Priming System and Adjustable Steam Emission

Black 10-cup Filter/4-cup Espresso Carafe with Self Priming System and Adjustable Steam Emission

DeLonghi's BCO120T provides you with an easy to use machine for preparing both espresso and cappuccino without discounting the regular filtered coffee. This coffee/espresso maker is ideal for the home or for the office. Using this means you can enjoy premium blend coffee in the comforts of your home or while taking a coffee break.

Interior Features
  • The high performance 15 bar pump utilized for the espresso maker creates a wonderful blend of ingredients that will surely make you want another cup. The same system works well for making cappuccino that is rich and creamy.
  • The machine has a stainless steel boiler that is both reliable and durable. It can withstand multiple brews that will answer your constant craving for freshly brewed coffee.

    Exterior Features

  • The machine has a removable drip tray that allows for easy cleaning and also a warming plate that keeps the temperature of your coffee at a certain level. You will not have to worry about cold coffee or having to have to reheat your brew.
  • This coffeemaker comes with a flavor selector that allows you to choose which coffee aroma you are in the mood for. You can try all the selections and choose the best one that fits you.
  • The black color makes coffee stains and leaks less visible.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product dimensions: 11 x 17 x 14 inches
    Weight: 14.7 pounds
    Total volume or number of cups: 10 cups for coffee; 4 cups for espresso/cappuccino


    This BCO120T allows you to brew both coffee and espresso simultaneously. There is no need to wait for one to brew before starting the other. Everything is automated so you can leave the machine to do its thing while you are entertaining your guests. Aside from coffee and espresso, the machine is able to make latte or hot chocolate. You are not limited to caffeinated drinks with this machine. It can brew both coffee and espresso simultaneously, so both drinks can be served at one time. Unlike other coffee and espresso makers, the BCO120T is fairly easy to operate, thanks to its easy to use knobs and illuminated control panel.


    The company only provides for a one-year warranty and require you to ship the defective machine to the nearest service center. In case there is no center near your location, you will have to pay for the expensive shipping cost of sending it to one. In some cases, the shipping costs will trump the benefits you get from the machine. Some customers complained that the unit had leaking problems and the solution on the manual did not solve the issue. Considering the effort it takes to maintain the machine, some may question its price value.


  • has an option for coffee strength
  • illuminated control panel
  • easy to operate
  • can make rich and cream espresso based drinks
  • can simultaneously brew coffee and espresso


  • does not have a water filter.
  • quite large (cannot fit into a compact space)
  • has leak problems

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