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DeLonghi BAR32 Retro Espresso Maker

Black 35 Ounce Pump-driven Frothing Attachment

Black 35 Ounce Pump-driven Frothing Attachment

DeLonghi BAR 32 is an espresso machine with a small design that could fit on your kitchen countertop and cabinet. This machine has features that make coffee-making more efficient. This unit was inspired by the the Bauhaus and Art Deco Periods of the 20th Century, making it a retro-looking espresso maker. This one is available in black color.

Interior Features
  • This espresso maker machine has a pump system that produces authentic-tasting espresso. The machine comes with a frothing attachment and 2 filter holders, for the espresso pods and for the ground espresso coffee.
  • The unit has a 35-ounce removable clear water tank that ensures the easy cleaning of the tank. Aside from this, the clear water tank enables you to easily see the amount of water in the machine.
  • It also has a turbo jet frother which facilitates the easy and efficient making of steamed or frothed milk for latte or capuccino. The turbo is really amazing for it doubles the volume of the chilled milk.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit has a single dial control that allows you to choose among the different functions such as preheat, steam, or espresso. Aside from the dial control, the unit has a separate knob that allows you to dispense steam or hot water for tea and other beverages.
  • The unit comes with an indicator lights that sends signal if the process is done. The espresso machine has a simple control that makes espresso making very efficient even to newbie.
  • The retro appearance of the espresso machine makes it an interesting addition to every kitchen.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 10.63 in.
    Depth: 8.74 in.
    Height: 12.6 in.
    Weight: 11.5 lb.
    total volume: 35 ounce


    With this espresso maker, cleaning is easy and efficient. All you have to do to clean the frothing attachment is to unscrew the froth nozzle from the delivery arm and rinse it thoroughly in a lukewarm water. The espresso maker has a small design that it can save you a lot of space in your kitchen.

    The machine is also easy to manage and control even if you are new to espresso-making. On top of these, this unit comes in a very affordable price. Compared to other units with the same features, this one is cheaper. It has a fairly affordable price range.


    One of the downsides of the machine is that it produces noise which is really very annoying, especially if you are preparing the espresso very early in the morning. The frothing delivery arm gets too hot that it's difficult to pour the espresso in the cup sometimes. This espresso machine comes only in black color.


  • easy to control and manage
  • easy to clean
  • indicator light
  • cheaper compared to other units with the same features
  • space saver
  • affordable
  • frothing attachment
  • indicator lights
  • hot water knob
  • retro look
  • highly efficient parts


  • can create noise
  • has a frothing delivery arm that gets too hot
  • doesn't give you options for the design
  • doesn't give you options for the color

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