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DCM2160B 12 Cup programmable

by Jean & Reg James
(Auburn WA)

The description that is provided is very misleading. Obviously this machine was not used by anyone in the company before putting it on the market. This is the most poorly designed coffee maker we've ever owned.

1) It's hard to fill because of the lid design.

2) Its hard to read the digital and see the little green light telling us it's on.

3) But worst of all, it's impossible to pour coffee and get it only in the cup. It goes on the counter, down cabinets and on the floor. Even pouring v-e-r-y slowly doesn't help much. We are extremly disappointed in Black & Decker. We had thought they were a good reputable company. Certainly we will not purchase their products again. We're going to throw this piece of junk out and see what other companies offer. It couldn't be worse than this!

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