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by John Yuzik
(Kamloops BC)

Great coffee maker, we love the thermal carafe. We don't have to move it. I can pour in the water at the same time I put in the coffee. It's good quality as far as we can see and it keeps the coffee hot and fresh.

The customer service I recieved was discouraging though. The word "clean" started flashing on the blue led screen awhile back so I checked the manual. I didn't find the correct info to my satisfaction so I sent an email to Delonghi. They sent me a page from their manual the one I already have that refers to "descaling" but not cleaning specifically. I followed the instructions for descaling which includes pushing the "clean" button and nothing happened the machine then started to gurgle for few minutes and then stopped for 5 minutes then started again so I shut it off. In the manual it reccomends no to make another pot of coffee for 10 minutes after you've made the first one. So in essence this cycle that I intitiated pushing the "clean" button with 4 cups of water in was heating the element and continuously running water through. Didn't sound right to me. If the cycle was to take 30-45 minutes to complete the manual should have detailed that info for us and if we have concerns like the stopping and starting. So I wasn't left scratching my head after the machine stopped gurgling and then started again 5 minutes later. I am no stranger to coffee makers having had one continuosly in my home for 30+ years but I've never experienced anything this. This unit was retailing for 150.00 and I thought it should be a little easier to perform a simple procedure like cleaning. I emailed Delonghi at least 3 times with my concerns asking for assistance with this problem, describing it in detail and haven't heard back from them since. Not very good customer service for a household willing to spend 150.00 on a coffee machine.

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