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Cuisinart’s Coffee on DemandTM 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

by Sarah


Cuisinart® Coffee On Demand
Coffee Maker

This review is about Cuisinart’s Coffee on DemandTM 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. I should also include that I start every day with at least two cups of coffee, and have done so for years…so I know what I’m talking about! As far as this unit, it is a great coffee maker if you are looking for a modern look within a “stainless steel applianced kitchen.” Otherwise, you may have some problems with it.

The unit is very easy to program, and makes 12 cups of coffee in a few minutes. The coffee is delicious, but really, no different than any other coffee maker I’ve tried for the end result. The carafe is within the unit, so you don’t have to look at any ugly, stained empty pot sitting there when the coffee maker is not in use. The downside is that you have to put your cup under the unit and press a lever to dispense the coffee. This sounds fantastic, but in reality, 1) if you are filling a dark-colored mug, you are constantly stopping the flow of coffee to ensure that you are not going to overflow your coffee, 2) you cannot fill a large thermos with coffee because you cannot fit anything taller than a standard travel mug under the lever. When you have guests over and want to make decaf and regular coffee…there is no convenient way to make one ahead of time and transfer to a carafe.

This unit is somewhat affordable, and does come with a charcoal filter for your water. Our kitchen is not filled with stainless steel, so it does stick out like a sore thumb, but I have to say the most entertaining part of it is the “gas gauge” (actually, it’s the “coffee guage” but it looks too similar to the dashboard in my car!). It’s actually very handy, it tells you how much coffee is left in the “reserve.” If you see a picture of it, this is the dial above the programming buttons.

Overall, if you like the look and don’t need to use a large thermos (ever), then go for it. It has the “look” – but for practicality…I’d gladly go back to my coffee-stained glass carafe.

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