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Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Coffee Grinder DBM-8

Of five grinders that I have owned of various typed, blade, burr, and other this grinder is the most useful durable and ascetically pleasing. The Cuisinart Supreme Grind DBM-8 Electric Burr Grinder for the price range is also economical I bought the burr grinder to gain a better tasing cup of coffee. Per several coffee officinado sites, Burr grinders were highly recommended over blade grinders.

I had been using a blade grinder with my Barista espresso machine, and had not been satisfied with the richness of the coffee produced, and as a result I searched for the qualifications of other coffee lovers. The Cuisinart had ben rated high amongst other coffee makers. I attempted to locate other burr grinders, however they ranged from two to three times the cost of the Cuisinart.

Although the combined Grind and Bred also maintained a high user rating, the clean up effort and rate of failure moved me toward a stand alone burr grinder. All in all my level of satisfaction is far beyond my expectations. I m now able to brew espresso, Turkish coffee, and all things between.

As true coffee lovers realize, it is much better to grind prior to brewing, the beans release their flavor, aroma, and true richness of the brew when the beans are ground seconds prior to the brew. The Cuisinart is comparable to other much more expensive grinders such as the Baratza Vario Professional Burr Coffee Grinder costing almost $500 while also providing a grind as fine as 60mm. All in all I love my grinder .

- Variable Grind fineness
- Large Bean reservoir

- Grinds build up after heavy use and my cause grinder to temporarily stop functioning
- Cleaning is relatively time consuming

5 out of 5

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