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Cuisinart SS-1 Cup-O-Matic Single Serve Coffeemaker

by Grace


Cuisinart SS-1 Cup-O-Matic
Single Serve Coffeemaker

I am usually the type of person that tries a popular brand and if I like it I tend to stick with it. My usual brand for purchasing coffeemakers is usually the Mr. Coffee brand. However, when I decided to give Cuisinart a shot because I have heard about the brand and it mostly gets positive reviews. I sure made the right move!

The Cuisinart SS-1 Cup-O-Matic Single serve coffeemaker was definitely a great choice. I always have the problem of having to come back to check on my coffeemaker four times just to make sure it’s off. With the Cuisinart Coffeemaker it has an auto shutoff feature which is great and takes my mind off of the machine. The price of the machine was very steep it cost me about $150 dollars with taxes included. I’m still in a little disbelief that I paid that much for a coffeemaker; however, the way the Cuisinart coffeemaker has been functioning it makes me regret the purchase less.

The Cuisinart coffeemaker has the ability to ground up whole beans or take the beans that are already grounded up so I’m not limited on purchasing just one type of coffee. Previously with my Mr. Coffee machine I was limited and sometimes wanted the whole beans but couldn’t purchase them because Mr. Coffee would not grind them up for me. However, when this coffeemaker grinds up the beans it makes sure everyone around knows. I remember the first time I used the grinding feature and I thought someone was shooting firecrackers right outside my house. I thought that couldn’t be right, who shoots firecrackers at 7a.m.? When I walked back into the kitchen I realized it was the coffeemaker grinding up the beans. The Cuisinart coffeemaker has the ability to make 4-12 ounces of coffee.

There is also the option of how strong you want your coffee. You can either choose from regular coffee, bold coffee, and everything in between. Overall, the Cuisinart coffeemaker makes a great cup of coffee; however, the noise it makes when it grinds up the beans is definitely a wakeup call especially in the mornings.

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Apr 23, 2009
Great Machine - Does NOT grind beans.
by: Anonymous

I don't know what Grace from Florda is talking about but, this machinedoes NOT GRIND coffee beans.
I love this machine and have owned it for 1-1/2 years. I dput my Senseo on a shelf in the basement when I found this beauty. It will use the most common coffee pods but the great thing is it uses ground coffee also. I would have to say that since purchasing this machine I have saved the price of it in coffee pods.

Just put fresh coffee in the brewer cup and press the button. You'll be happy you did!

My only complaint is that the the holder for the brewer cup is made out of aluminum and tens to pit after awhile. I purchased another from Cuisinart for around $10.00 after about a year. The old one still worked. I just did't like the looks of it.

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