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Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator


Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic
12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

I got my percolator for my wedding and it has been great so far. It’s really durable, with most of the components made of stainless steel, which is nice compared to the plastic and glass parts that are found on drip machines.

There is, of course, never-ending debate about which method of making coffee is best, but I have been quite happy with the quality of the coffee from my percolator.

My biggest complaint about the percolator is that it’s somewhat of a hassle to clean, since any coffee residue that gets burned onto the inside of the pot can only be removed by awkwardly scrubbing the inside of the relatively deep pot. Nevertheless, it’s been my experience that all coffee makers have some difficult to clean places.

Another drawback, although it has never really bothered me, is that the percolator doesn’t have the popular option to start on a timer like most popular drip machines. Therefore, you do have to wake up and plug in the machine, bleary-eyed, rather than having it brew a few minutes before you wake up automatically. It’s a sacrifice, I suppose, but I find that it’s worth it for the durability and reliability of the percolator style.

Another benefit is that the percolator is set up so that you can neglect the use of disposable coffee filters if you use course ground coffee or discard the coffee at the bottom of the pot. This may appeal to your earth-preserving drive to some extent.

All in all, I would recommend this pot to anyone who wants a workhorse coffee machine made of parts that won’t easily break and that can be easily washed either in a dishwasher (for the removable parts) or by a brief scrub with a steel wool pad (in the case of the main unit).

This percolator is nearly identical to the Farberware percolator my grandmother had, so you know that the design has held up to the ages and helped people wake up in the morning consistently for years and years.

Coffee snobs may be reluctant to stray from their French presses or complicated espresso and slow-drip combo machines, but anyone who wants a classic cup of coffee won’t be disappointed with this.

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Aug 02, 2011
stops working quickly
by: Anonymous

This unit makes good coffee, but doesn't last long. We are on our third percolator, and it just stopped working after about 3 months - and it was a warranty replacement for a perc that lasted less than 6 months. We like the way it makes coffee, but are really disappointed by the quality of the product. We will not go through the hassle of getting this one replaced...new brand here we come!

May 07, 2011
Didn't last long
by: Anonymous

My Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator lasted 5 months and just quit working. I checked on the web to see if anyone else has had a problem. It seems that I am not alone and because so many have had problems with customer service, I've decided to throw mine out and look for something better. (back to Mr. Coffee)

Mar 26, 2011
by: Moi

I have had mine for nearly 3 years now.

No problems at all.

Yes I wish there was a timer on it, but I guess if you wanted to by a timer and attach it to the pot you could do that.

Another tip...I wet/wash out the filter first. I find the grinds cling better in the coffee making process :)

Wish the cord was longer. But all-in-all coffee tastes outstanding. It's da heat!

PS.....I grind coffee and use regular coffee grounds. I try to try out different grinds. Mainly use fine. But I am thinking the course grounds make the ultimate cup of coffee:)

Sep 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

After a month or so I had to call the company and get the inside basket replaced due to warping. It is 7 months later and the unit just quit working. Used very little because it is kept a a second out of state home. It is under a 3 year warranty. The company wants to charge me $10 for shipping a new one to me and another $10 to ship the non working one back. What kind of warranty is that?$80 unit should last a whole lot longer.

May 08, 2010
Good coffee, poor design
by: GmAnonymous

We like the coffe however the element on the bottom seems to burn out. The first percolator lasted about 4 months,warranty covered,the second lasted around 4 months,no warranty. Just frustrated because we feel a product should last longer then 6 months of once a day use.

May 06, 2010
Broken Top Insert
by: Anonymous

I have had this percolator for about 6 months and my husband loves the coffee! Sadly, this morning I went to take off the lid and the clear knob came off in my hand. It simply separated from the rest of the knob inside the lid. I'm disappointed to find out that it is not made of glass and that I have to buy a complete lid to replace it. Sigh.......

Feb 23, 2010
recurring issue
by: LW

We are on our second percolator, and it has just stopped working. The base stops heating. We love the coffee it makes, but this is the 2nd time we have had this problem with the same part. I can't seem to find a replacement piece, so we will either go get a 3rd coffee maker, or we will just pick a new brand. You will enjoy the coffee, but be for-warned, it will likely break after about 6 months. :( We make about 4 pots per week, so I don't feel we wore out the part.

Apr 04, 2009
The best tasting home brewed coffee maker
by: Christine

I have enjoyed my Cuisinart 12-cup percolator for 3 years now. By far the best tasting home brewed coffee maker available. It was purchased at Williams Sonoma ($79.95) and has consistently produced clean tasting coffee every time. I brew between 8-10 cups everyday and follow the guide in the basket using the appropriate amount of fresh ground coffee beans. No filters to buy and it's easy to clean with warm water. The entire unit is so easy to assemble and disassemble. The only disappointment is the outside finish has faded a bit - the shine has slowly morphed into a foggy finish.

My folks (in their 70's) always comment on how good my coffee tastes always thinking I used expensive coffee beans and an expensive percolator. When I showed them that I ground the same beans they did they were amazed. Of course, anyone in their 70's would remember percolated coffee - but like so many others, they have been drinking average coffee from a Mr. Coffee machine for decades. For Christmas I purchased them a Sunbeam percolator that is no where near as sturdy as the Cuisinart, it takes much longer to brew a pot of coffee and the coffee doesn't stay a consistently warm temperature like the Cuisinart.

The Cuisinart perks quickly, quietly (by comparison), maintains an appropriate temperature for hours (I've left it on for 4-5 hours before) and consistently produces a great tasting cup of joe! Another great feature is you can lift the pot off the base without having to be connected to the electrical cord making it easy to pour (the plug is not attached to the pot but to the base.) It's made much sturdier than others I've used and works like a charm every single time I've used it.

I have enjoyed coffee made many different ways - for fresh brewed coffee you can't beat the Cuisinart 60 ounce percolator.

I searched for another Cuisinart percolator for a house warming gift and my local Williams Sonoma did not stock it - I had to order it online.

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