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Cuisinart Model: EM-100C

The EM-110C by Cuisinart is a fantastic mid-level Espresso Maker. It consistantly produces good espresso.

The pros of the machine are numerous. The first would be the water reservoir. With such a large reservoir there is no need to refill it after each use. Which is fantastic as mine is under a deep cupboard and needs to be pulled out to refill.

Another pro for the machine is the ease at which it can be cleaned. Having simple controls and not a lot of hardware sticking out means all it takes is a simple wipe down keep it looking clean.

There are a few cons however. The first being the placement of the steamer. When steaming you can not place the frothing cup on the platform and froth your milk. There is not enough clearence to do so. This can be quite frustrating.

Also it seems that there is not equitable distribution of fluids when making two espressos at the same time. However, with the price point in mind and the fact that it does produce an excellent product, I would rate this machine 4/5.

- large water reservoir
- easy to clean

- can't use steamer properly

4 out of 5

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May 14, 2012
Warranty - not
by: Anonymous

Power button all of a sudden stopped staying on.
I can mail it back to ONtario and they will fix or replace it. Give me a break, the shipping there and back will be more than going to buy a new one. Get with it Cuisanart - provide instore warranty coverage.

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